Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Shoo-Fly" Update...and other life "threads"

A Stitching Update....
Here is where my "Shoo-Fly" project is...the white squares between the "Shoo-Fly" pattern has been filled in with a combo of satin stitches and eyelets in black. This has left a shape that looks like a cross with a square in the middle. So, what I have decided to do is:
1st - fill in the little middle square with "reversed scotch" stitch in the middle using the lighter shade of all the colors
2nd - fill the arms of the cross in the mid-shade of each color (corresponding to the light color in the middle) using some other kind of satin stitch
3rd - using the darker shade of each color, weave the floss through the eyelets, making some sort of flower shape. BTW...I am creating (aka "making this up") as I go. So, I, too will be interested to see how it turns out.

Over to the right is an attempt of an shot upclose to one of the squares...trying to show the detail. This is a fun thing to take to the rink and stitch, while being able to look up every once in a while to see how the boys are doing.

A Hockey Update...
This weekend has been somewhat crazy. Yesterday, my youngest son stayed over at a friends house for a bday slumber party, while DH, Robert (older son) and I, left for Robert's hockey playoffs in Vacaville, CA which is about a 45 minute drive from where we live. We stayed the night there so that he would be able to get up at 5am - to be at the rink at 6am - for a game that began at 7am. They won 11-2. After the game was over, I drove back home to pick up Matthew (younger son) from his party and brought him home so he could rest and eat lunch, in order for him to be ready for his 4pm hockey game...which his team won 13-0. If I haven't lost you yet...DH and Robert are in Vacaville at the hotel and Matthew and I are at home where we will sleep in our beds (yeah!). Then tomorrow morning, Matthew and I will join the rest of the family in Vacaville to watch Robert's last game of the weekend...then we will drive further NE near Sacremento for Matthew's noon hockey game...then around the time the Superbowl starts, we hope to be home (ready for a nap!).

Assuming that Robert's team will win their last game, they will be going to State Finals, which will be next weekend in Los we have another weekend of travel - getting back home late Sunday evening...2 days before we take off for Quebec. So the next 10 days are going to be very, very crazy...while I plan to update you (for it is very theraputic to blog), if I don't get a chance to sit and post, I hope that you will forgive me. The nice thing is, I will have a laptop & stitching projects with me when I am in Quebec!

Until the next, love and laugh often...and stitch on! Lisa


Beth said...

Wow, Lisa! The black makes a big difference! It looks awesome.


PS: I've given you an award. It'll be up on my blog soon.

Cyn said...

Hi Lisa,

"Shoo Fly" is coming along quite nicely and I'm looking forward to seeing how the center squares turn out.

Yes, I know about crazy busy family life! At least you will be able to stitch when you are in Quebec. :-)

Windy Meadow