Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stitching Update

Shoo-fly (don't bother me...)
Finally I have a photo to post and show my progress. I finished the yellow while on the trip to St. Louis last weekend (long plane rides are great for sitting and stitching). Now I am working on the little black squares that were left by the "shoo-fly" pattern. Right now I am doing tri-angle satin stitches around the sides, leaving a cross. Inside the cross, I did a row of eyelet stitches around (after that is completed, you get a cross with a large square center...the upper right hand side shows what that looks like). After I get all six squares done, I will then determine what I do next. It is fun designing as I go...just hoping that it comes out "as I go" so I don't have to rip anything out :).

New Toys to add to my Stash...
For Christmas, my in-laws sent all of us a Visa giftcard; so I decided to use mine to order a couple of new things from I bought myself The Encyclopedia of Stitches by Karen Hemingway (can't have enough stitching enclopedias...maybe I will find some inspiration for those empty squares of the above WIP). I also purchased a Laura J. Perin pattern from her Impressionist Collection - it is called "Quadrille". MMMM, I think that I see a square theme going? I have a few other designs by her - haven't started stitching any of them (maybe this should be one of my 2009 goals).

"Friendship Sampler" RR Update...
We have 15 people signed up to do the exciting! The other excitement is we are all over the map: California, Alaska, The Netherlands, Louisiana and so on. This is so cool. I have ordered the pattern and I am waiting for the mailman to deliver it. As soon as I have it in my hand I can determine whether I have some fabric in my stash I want to use or if I have a need to go out and purchase something new. I am really looking forward to this activity!!!

Last...but certainally not least...The Hockey Update
DH Steve and younger son, Matthew, left this morning at 6am. I got up around 3:45am to take them to the airport. They landed in Detroit and have driven across the border to Sarnia Ontario for the Silver Stick Finals for his hockey age division. Matthew informed me that he had to breath out of his mouth when he went outside because when he inhaled through his nose, his nose froze. It has been a very long time since any of us have been in freezing weather.

Speaking of weather...I hate to say this but here in California it is 75 degrees. I just got back from walking the dog to pick up (oldest son) Robert from school; wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt felt good!

Well...until next time...keep stitchin'.


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Wendy said...

Nice progress on your project, very nice colors!!!