Saturday, January 17, 2009

SoCal Hockey Weekend

I had a few minutes and thought I would write a quick posting. I am here with my oldest son in Valencia, which is about a 5 hour drive south of where we live. His hockey team has a hockey weekend, when they play 3 games for their league. Sounds strange to travel to play league games; but this is what is required in Tier AA hockey in California. They won their 2 games today - they have one more game at 7am tomorrow. The first game today was one that they needed to win in order to be in 1st place prior to the playoffs, which are coming up in 2 weeks. Accomplishing that goal (by a win of 2-1), they now are officially in 1st place. Playoffs is in 2 weeks and following that is the State tournament.

Anyway...after the last game today, we went to dinner with the majority of the team to Olive Garden (bottomless salads & lots of pasta to fuel up for tomorrows game). Due to the early wake up call this morning, we are getting ready to call it a day. After tomorrows game, we will probably come back to the hotel - for a quick shower and breakfast and then head on home. My DH and other son are due back home from Sarnia Canada around 10pm.

The good news to this crazy hockey weekend is...the kids do not have school on Monday! Yahoo!

Off to get ready for bed and maybe even settle down with my xstitch before turning off the light!

Good night...and stitch on.

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