Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ain't no April Fools...Time for a PIF

Good day blogging friends, it looks like the rain is back for a couple of days here in Northern California. But as I mentioned before the dry season will be here soon, so any rain we can get now the better.

A few months ago I entered into Barb's PIF and was one of the lucky ones chosen - which I received a some wondeful stitching items couple of weeks ago. So, now it is my turn to host a PIF in order to follow through with my part of the PIF (Pay it Forward).

This is an easy PIF, for there is no stitching actually involved. So this is a great one for those of you who don't have any stitching time available and/or don't care for the finishing part.

If you would like to receive 5 stitching items from me, please leave a comment under this message clearly indicating that you would like to be included in my PIF (pay it forward) drawing. I will announce 3 winners on Easter Sunday,April 4. That gives everyone some time to leave me a comment. Please remember to include your email address so I can send you a note if you are a winner!

Here are the rules:

1.Send no less than 5 stitching related items per person within the next 365 days.

2.Items can be DMC, other threads, stitching needles, straight pins, buttons, scissors, ribbons, etc. - a combination of items such as 3 threads, 1 pack of straight pins and 1 pack of stitching needles or just 5 threads.

3.The items must be new and not used. (Send things you'd be happy to receive.)

4.If you win, you must be willing to post this PIF on your blog and do the same for at least 2 people.

The PIF is simple and very easy to do, so I hope you'll give it a try! Good luck and remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Laundry List of Errands on Saturday

Yesterday, the first Saturday without hockey in awhile, we had a laundry list of things to accomplish. So after sleeping in, getting my spin on the stationary bike, and eating breakfast we set out into the beautiful sunny spring morning.

First stop....The Farmer's Market - Matthew (younger son) fell in love with a pickle that you can only get at the Pleasanton Farmer's Market called Sister Sara's. Now we are talking of my youngest son, the son who still is a picky eater. Let me tell you...you open up a jar of Sister Sara's pickles and the aroma of garlic fills the air. And you eat one or more of these pickles, go outside, run around a little and sweat...you smell like a piece of garlic. But he loves them, so we went and picked up a jar of her pickles. We also got some wonderful citrus fruits, asian pears, bread, snap peas and fresh carrots. I saw this at a plant stand and thought it was really cute...it is a lettuce bowl:

Second stop...Fleet Feet in Pleasanton, CA- Robert (older son) started school track last week; a good sport to do in the hockey "off-season" and a great way to get involved in school. This is his 3rd year of track and as one of the 8th graders who can run a good mile, we want to make sure that he has a good pair of running shoes.This is the place we go to every April to have his feet measured and his arch support checked.

Third stop...Hockey X in Oakland, CA - both boy needed some hockey gear, especially since Matthew's season continues as his team advanced to State Finals. Matthew's feet had grown and his current hockey skates were too small...so we felt that since he still had 2 weeks of his current season, and then was continuing on to a spring team who is playing in a tournament in Chicago the 3rd week of April, he needed a new pair of skates. Well, his feet are now in Senior size which bumped him up from $100 skates to the skates with a bigger price tag. Ouch! While he was getting fitted and his skates moulded to his feet- Robert picked out his hockey stick he needed because he starts one of his hockey clinics next week (which he will be doing in addition to track).

Fourth stop...Needle in a Haystack in Alameda, CA - time for mom to have a little fun. NiaH was having their Anniversary Sale, so I was hoping that the "boys" would feel the need to go to lunch at Weinersnitzel (hot dogs) so that I could walk across the street and stash shop. I did find a few things that would be good for some upcoming exchanges I need to stitch (so I can't show any of the new stash). When I got up to the counter to get rung up, I got to pick an Easter egg out of their Anniversary basket to see what my Anniversary savings would be (they had coupons for 10%, 20%, and 30% off of purchase). I reached my hand down deep and pulled out an egg that had a 30% off coupon! Ya-hoo! I felt like I won the lottery!

When the boys came back from the hot dog restaurant - with full bellies and stories about the free food that was accidentally put on their tray that they ate - we left Alameda and started to head back home (a drive that typically takes 45 minutes). Unfortunately, about 10 miles from our house we heard a ker-thunk, ker-thunk, ker-thunk not quite the noise you want to hear when you are tired and ready to go home. DH looked at me and said, "it is the tire". The tires on the car we were driving were going bald and we knew that we needed to get new tires, but just was procrastinating.

Well...so we got off the highway and pulled into a UHaul storage parking lot. To make a long story short...we did put the spare on only to drive 5 feet when we noticed that it was flat. So we backed up the car into the parking lot again, took it off so that DH and Robert could walk it down to the nearest Shell gas station and put air in it (remember folks, always check to make sure that your spare has air!). While they were gone, Matthew and I stayed with the car and made good use of our time sitting in the parking lot...we changed out his skate laces for better waxed ones.

The Shell station wasn't too far, so they were back in about a 1/2 hour, got the spare put on and we were back on the road. Before we got home, we did stop at a tire store before they closed for the day, to talk with them about new tires and got everything figured out so when I drop off the car there this morning they can put new tires on the car quickly.

So getting the new tires put on the care is on my "to do list" this morning while DH takes Matthew to his hockey scrimmage @ 7am and then his practice @ 11am. Oh, well...we did get a lot accomplished yesterday and amazingly we came home with smiles on our faces and in good moods. It is fun to be able to have a family day like this and still come home in peace...and in "one piece" :)

Take care and have a wonderful Sunday!
Remember...Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Fotos...Spring, Sheep and Stitches

This morning, after taking the boys to school, I grabbed my camera and took the dog for a quick walk. The sun was shining without a cloud in the sky...the air was cool and crisp...songs of birds filled the spring air. It was wonderful. On my walk, I looked at the hills that surround the neighborhood and on the one I spoke of yesterday, I caught the shepherd and his dog working with the sheep (he & dog are somewhat located in the upper middle of the photo):
The sheep have worked their way to the side of the hill that faces us. From my son's window, we can see the areas where they have eatten the tall grass down to the ground. When fire season starts up, we will definitely feel appreciation to the shepherd and his sheep!
Continuing my walk with the dog, we pass up a lot of flowering bushes.
I am not sure what the name of these bushes are - but who ever landscaped our neighborhood must of had the flower colors in mind when planning for the spring. The purples and the pinks of these really put one in the Easter mood. And don't forget these flowering crab-apple trees that I posted a photo of yesterday...
When you walk through these trees at full bloom, you almost feel like you are walking in a Winter-wonderland...and I prefer walking amoung flowering trees than trees full of snow, don't you?
Lastly, on some of the trellises around the neighborhood park are the wisteria beginning to bloom:
These always remind me of grapes on a grape vine ready to be harvest. Now back at home from our little walk, the dog runs into the garage to get a drink of water and I see that our little Cali-lily plant continues to grow and flower without any maintainance...it grows like a weed!
Thank you for coming on my early morning spring walk with me and sharing the sights...now to reward you for making it this far in the post here are some stitching photos:

First a finish to show:
"A Walk in the Park"
by Little House Needleworks
stitched on 36ct linen (forgot the name)
DMC floss - black & white - stitching 2 over 2
button from Just Another Button Company
finished by mounting it on a cigar box from Michaels; painted box black and wrapped round wooden buttons with fabric purchased at Jo-Anns.
This is a gift for my sister who lost her canine friend in December. Maxie, as she called him, was with her for a long time and became her best friend. I know she misses him.

And now that I am caught up with my "exchange" project (for a little while as I have 2 to complete by May 1) - I have pulled out my Mary Wigham.
Here is what is looks like now - and because I don't have a quick reference to what it looked like before taking it out of hibernation, here is a photo of the motif I finished last night (GAST: Tinbucket):
Well, Blogging Buddies...thank you for making it to the end of this long post. I hope that you enjoyed our spring walk together ending in stitches!
Remember...Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Spring

In Northern California, spring time seemed to arrive a few weeks ago as all the flowering trees have looked like the one above - like someone had hot glued white pom-poms...or on the ones that have pink blossoms: pink pom-poms. In our neighborhood, all the trees seem to blossom at different times - so some of the streets have trees that have lost their blossoms and area already dressed in their summer leaves...but down the street from our house the trees just puffed out with their floral dresses, so we get to enjoy the colors. In addition to the trees, there are a lot of wild flowers that bloom on the hill side.
There are even wild California Poppies (the state flower) that show up. These are fun to watch, because they open their pedals in the morning and in the evening they close up. Also on the hill is some wild sweet clover that blooms in yellow and some purple...which is a beautiful contrast to the green of the grass. Nature certainally stitches a beautiful spring picture! But we have to enjoy it now! In about 2 months everything will be brown due to the lack of water. Here we have 2 seasons: green and brown!

This week we have been enjoying out evenings at home for the most part. Since Robert (older son) hockey season came to an end, we haven't had to drive down the San Jose for hockey practices for him. He has, though, started up with school track - which practices are after school. And even though Matthew (younger son) still has hockey practice, they take place at a rink near the house - so don't have to travel very far for those. So this has given us a change to rest & relax and catch up on life.
However, DH came home from the crazy hockey weekend with a very bad cold/cough - so I have been playing nurse: making sure that he rests (he has been coming home early from work to nap - which has upset my afternoon routine), gets plenty of liquids (I made some chicken soup for him to have for dinner), and has been taking his med (a combo of Sudafed and Mucinex). Little by little he is recouperating and therefore I am getting my afternoons back, which I found are good napping times because I have been feeling drained lately.

However, I do have some stitching finishes and an update to talk about (and will show photos soon):
  1. Ornament Exchange - I have not only finished the ornament for Lisa V, but got it in the mail to her. So as soon as it lands in Australia I will post a photo of that finish.
  2. Gift for Sister - I finish stitching "A Walk in the Park" and have mounted it on a little wooden cigar box. I just need to photograph it and get it in the mail. I am not sure if she reads my blog on a regular basis...but just to play it safe, I think I will wait until she receives it to post a photo
  3. An Update - Mary Wigham came out of hibernation and I have put some stitching in last night. It felt so good to put needle/thread to the project, that I couldn't put it down...the desire to stitch was greater than my drive to exercise last night and stitching won...so I sat on my stitching butt and stitched.
Well, that is all the updates I have for you today. I hope to have some stitching photos soon to share with you the finishes listed above and an update on Mary. In the meantime, remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Just a quick post...

First I want to thank you...my blogging friends...for your comments and support over the hockey playoff weekend! While Robert is done for the season, but starts track today, Matthew's team does advance to States  even though they  lost in the Championship last night and came in 2nd place. His team seems to have it in their head that they are a second place team - for they always go undefeated in the round robins, making it to the Championship and then they just don't play well.

On the stitching front...no, I didn't get in any stitching over the weekend, but I did get the ornament for Lisa V completed and will be able to get that in the mail! Yahoo! I will post a photo of it when it reaches her "down under".

Have a good week everyone and until the next posting, remember....
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often! Lisa

Sunday, March 21, 2010

One Son's Hockey Season Comes to an End

Yesterday evening, Robert's (older son) 2009-2010 hockey season came to an end with a loss of 5-1 in the Semi-Finals against the Seattle Admirals (a team that they played in the beginning of the tournament). It was bittersweet, as we would have loved to see the team win the semis to go to the Championships, where they would have had to face the LA Selects again (the team that they played earlier Saturday morning)...but knew that they would have lost in the Championships and it would have probably been a very physical game.

Just to clarify...Robert played 2 games on Saturday - in the morning his team played the LA Selects and lost 13-3. But the goal differentiation was good enough to place them in the 3rd seed in the Semis which they played Saturday evening.

But this proud hockey mom has to post about how proud I am of my son. Robert played in the morning game so well...the hockey animal came out during that game vs. LA Selects. He played so physical and fast that the parents gave him an ovation when he walked out of the locker room that morning. Here are some photos of him from that game:

BTW...he is #10 in Teal - San Jose Jr. Shark Bantam AAA

He brought that "animal" to the Semis and continued his physical play, challenging the other team when he was out on the ice. Unfortunately, the rest of the team didn't seem to come with the same focus they had in the morning game. But like I said, it is probably for the best because if we had to play the LA Selects again, I am sure that it would have been a very ugly game.

Well, blogging friends, before I leave you this morning, this hockey-mom has one more thing to brag about...Matthew"s (younger son) hockey team just won their last game of the NorCal playoff round robin - thus, putting them in 1st seed going into the Championship Game which is at 2pm Pacific Time. While the top 2 teams automatically advance to State Finals (which is in 2 weeks here in San Jose) - it would be nice for Matthew's team to win this Championship game! Every tournament they have played in this year, they have made it to the championship only to lose and come in 2nd place. Come on Tri-Valley Blue Devils - let's win this! Go Blue!

Take care...Lisa 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

PIF received and hockey update

Earlier in the week, a little package was put in my mailbox. It was still a little too early to receive an L*K exchange as that mailing date is May 1st...and I wasn't expecting any ornaments because my month is September. When I looked at the return address, I knew that it was the PIF from Barb. I immediately tore open the box, to enjoy the goodies before the boys came home from school. Inside the box, was a little stitching kit called "To Market" which also included a little heart frame; DMC floss, ribbon, tassels, scissors holder, and a purple laying tool all in a little blue tote. How cool is that - some wonderful goodies, which I will be able to put to good use! Thank you Barb!
Stay tune...I will be posting a PIF next weekend for a drawing on April 1st - April Fools Day!

Now for a hockey update. Last night was game #2 for Robert. I picked him up from school a little before 2pm so that he could come home, grab a bite to eat and change into this pre-game attire (Jr. Sharks Logo warmups and a Jr. Shark polo shirt) so that we could leave and be down to the rink around 3pm...one hour before game time. Well, while this should have been a team that the boys could have beat, they just didn't seem to "show up for the game" and, thus, lost it 1-3. It was really sad, because they came out very strong in the first period and even scored the first goal of the game...but as soon as the other team scored, Robert's team just didn't seem to find what they needed to in order to win. Robert had a good game - meaning, when he was out there on the ice "he gave it his all" and that is all you can ask for.
So, this morning is game #3 and their opponents are the LA Selects Bantam AAAs. This is a team in our league, so we have played them 3x this year....and lost 3x this year...so we know what to expect. When I say that we lost - it was big losses: 0-11, 0-12 and 0-some other big number. With the expected loss this morning, that would mean the team would have 1 win and 2 losses...and we would just have to wait to see what the outcome of the other games to see if we will be in 3rd or 4th place (which would mean that they would play tonight in the semis) or if they are out all together. Hopefully they play tonight!
So...Good luck Robert and the
San Jose Jr. Sharks Bantam AAAs!

In addition to Robert (older son) and his District hockey tournament, Matthew (younger son) also his his NorCal Playoff tournament this weekend...first game for him is in an hour @ 6am. The NorCal Travel A Championships are up in Vacaville (a city about 45 minutes from where we live; close to Sacremento - where the California capital is located) - thus, DH and I are playing "divide and conquer" this weekend. DH and Matthew left after Robert's evening game and headed up to Vacaville to stay the night in preparation for this early morning game. If Matthew's team comes in 1st or 2nd after the weekend is over, then they advance to the State championship which is in two weeks.
So...Good luck Matthew and the
Tri-Valley Blue Devil Squirt As!

And a quick stitching update...might as well as I seem to be on a roll with the updates. I have finished stitching Lisa V's ornament for the ornament swap, just need to finish it as an ornament - so my goal is to get that completed so that it will be shipped to her on Monday. I have also completed the stitching on "A Walk in the Park" - a gift for my sister and will be working on finishing that up (more on that later in the weekend).

Well, it is time to sign out...but before I do, if you find yourself heading to Vacaville to watch the NorCal Playoffs - let me know. It seems that DH and I had a little marital communication breakdown yesterday while he was packing his clothes for the weekend - he only packed 3 t-shirts and a tooth brush for the weekend.

Thank you for visiting - remember to...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often! Lisa 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It is Hockey Championship Time!

Pacific District Championships have started today and Robert (older son) & his team, San Jose Jr. Sharks, won their first game. They played the Alaska All-Stars and the score was 0-4. The game sheet showed that Robert got an assist on the first goal of the game. How exciting is that :)
Tomorrow at 4pm is game 2. The opponent is the Seattle NW Admirals. Looking forward to another fun, fast, exciting game!
Until tomorrow...Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Dublin..........(Dublin, California that is)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
On the day where we find a little Irish in all, I hope a little luck find each and everyone of you!

St. Patrick's Day, back when I was in school, always brought out the meanies...if you didn't wear green you got pinched. And some of those pinches left black-and-blue marks for the next couple of days. Not quite festive for this holiday :)

At work we are having a St. Patrick's Day Pancake Party. I am part of the "A" team (A stands for Activity) and we plan a fun activity about once a month. People in the office have fun doing these and the lady who had headed up this committee, has been doing if for quite awhile and has things so organized that they really don't take too much work to do. I decided to participate as much as I can (for I only work part-time) in a way to get to know more people in the office and get involved. It has paid off.

I am finishing up my ornament exchange piece, which is a good thing because it has to travel "down under"...so I am hoping to getting it all finished over the weekend and sent. Keep your fingers crossed.

In the meantime, stay tuned for information regarding a PIF. Got to get a few things organized before I post it :)

Take care...and watch out for Leprechans! Lisa

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Finish...Friendship Sampler RR heart stitched

I was able to finish stitching on Cindy's Friendship Sampler RR today and will definitely be able to pack it up and ship it off to Karen on Monday morning...now I just have 2 more to stitch on.

Sweet Saturday

The rain clouds have disappeared and the sun is shining today. With no hockey practice or game on the agenda for today, we will probably try and get outside for a walk or something. However, Matthew has to put together his science project board for it is due next week. I just realized as I typed that sentence that this will be the last science project board (for elementary school) that we will have to deal with.

A quicky note on the stitching front...I received Cindy's Friendship Sampler RR in the mail yesterday. Cindy has stayed true to the colors called for by the pattern - it is beautiful. I worked on it last night as I watched Princess Bride and the boys (DH included) were playing some sort of computer game that where they can all interact with eachother. I plan to finish it up this weekend so that I can get it back in the mail and keep it moving. While many of the Friendship Samplers have made it home, there are still a handful that are on their last leg of the journey and I don't want to hold anyone's up. Other than that, I am plugging away at the ornament for Lisa V, "A Walk in the Park" tribute to my sister's dog...with hopes to finish up those asap so that I can bring out Mary for a little bit before more exchanges need to be stitched.

Have a wonderful Saturday my friends! And remember...Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often - Lisa

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nobody told me it is Wednesday already

After waking up late (guess my body just needed some sleep this morning) and going to work early (because of an early morning conference call with my boss who is in our UK office), I came home a little before 1pm and realized that it is already Wednesday. The week is 1/2 over and we are 1/2 a week away from the weekend.

Things are going well here...the weather is feeling more like spring in Northern California. Sunny skies with just a little bit of fluffy clouds and about in the mid 60s. The cherry trees and crabapple trees have their pink and white flowers...it is just beautiful!

I am working on exchange stitching still - the ornament exchange for Lisa V - so I don't have anything to share right now. I did hear that a Friendship RR is on its way to me. It has been a long time...since Thanksgiving...since I have stitched a heart on one. I only have 3 more to stitch on and then I will be done with my part. Several of the women in the group have received theirs back. Mine, I think, is in the Netherlands right now, and once it leaves there it shouldn't take too long for it to come home.

We are coming to the end of the hockey season...sort of. The weekend of March 18, Robert and his team will be playing in the Pacific District Tournament. The winner of this tournament advances to Nationals which are on the east coast of the US the first weekend of April. However, the competition is going to be difficult - his team will need to beat the LA Selects Bantam AAA. Last two times Robert's team played them the score was 0-11 and 0-12...so unless we get a little miracle...

The same weekend, Matthew's hockey team will be playing in the NorCal Playoffs. The top two teams from this tournament advance to state finals. Matthew's team is currently 1st place in NorCal...we will keep our fingers crossed that the team will continue playing well and advance.

After the season...well, we don't stop as both kids are signed up for spring clinics that will basically take them from the end of March until tryouts in mid-July. If they didn't enjoy it, we would stop and find something else for them to do.

Well, I don't want to bore you anymore, so I will end this post by saying:
Remember....Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa

Friday, March 5, 2010

Finally it is Friday!

Well, March started in true fashion...coming in like a Lion! This week has just been crazy with both DH and I having business trips, Robert filling out high school registration forms and Matthew away at 5th grade outdoor camp. Phew! TGIF and we are all home!

Yesterday was my first business trip with the company I work for (my position is part-time). My boss and I went to Seattle for the day where we had a meeting with a tradeshow booth vendor who will be building a booth for us for an upcoming tradeshow in May. After the meeting and a quick tour of the convention center where the tradeshow will take place, we found ourselves with a little time on our hands before we needed to be back to the airport. So we walked from the convention center to the famous Pike Street Public Market
If you have never been to this market, and I hadn't until yesterday...well, if you visit Seattle you should go! It is like an enclosed farmer's markets that we go to here at home...but more amazing. For example, the flowers were so beautiful and colorful...they didn't look real.

Tulips and daffodils...pussy willows and greenery...it was gorgeous! And every flower stall had women working, putting together amazing bouquets. I really wanted to purchase one and bring it home, but didn't think it would survive the plane ride home. In addition to flowers, there were many stalls or produce (huge strawberries, beautiful peppers, etc) and stalls of handmade items (like hats, book covers, scarves, soap and candles). But one of the things that the market is known for is it's fish.

Pike Place Market is know for it's fish and the "fish throwers" especially due to the motivational book Fish! and the Fish! Philosophy.   I remember reading this when it first came out and trying to incorporate the philosophy in the business culture I was working in at the time (which was my family's retail business - when we lived in Minnesota). The philosophy - "Be there", "Play", "Make their day", and "Choose your attitude". Anyway...while at the market there was a little fish throwing going on, especially when someone purchased something. Lots of fun.

My boss and I got a lot accomplished in our meetings yesterday...and enjoyed the time we got to "play" before going our separate ways...home for me in California and home for my boss in the UK.

Now it is Friday and the weekend is upon us. Tonight it will be a quiet evening at home with all family members present! Take out sushi is the menu for this evening...nice, quick and easy. Gives us more time to visit and to hear about Matthew's experience at outdoor ed.

On the stitching front...
I finished the model I was stitching for Cindy (CindyMae designs) and will be getting that into the mail for her to finish, photograph and publish. She really is coming out with some very nice patterns! With that complete, I will sit down and put the finishing touches to "A Walk in the Park" which I am making for my sister...hoping to get that done this weekend. Next up...I have to get some exchange stitching done, especially for the Ornament exchange. This month the recipient is Lisa V, and it is due in the mail on or before March 31...so I better get started!

I just heard back from Angela P who is one of the organizers of the Lizzie Kate Exchange as well as many other fun exchanges which I am participating in. A little more than a week ago I sent her a little package as she wasn't feeling well and scheduled for surgery the middle of March and she seemed a little down. When I first met her, many months ago, via blogging & email and got to know her, I stitched a little angel pillow. Well, I remembered that little pillow, which I packed up with a few other little goodies and put in the mail a little over a week ago. Well, I guess the day that she was on my mind...the same day that I put the package in the mail, she had emergency surgery. Strange, huh? That's my sixth sense I guess :) Since I cannot find the photo I took (it is probably on the computer that one of the boys are on right now) - I will let you follow the link to her post: http://hookedonstitches.blogspot.com/2010/03/cheerful-surprise.html

Well...it is time to put in the take out order for sushi! Hope everyone is doing well and has a great weekend!
Remember...Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often! Lisa

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Mumblings on March 1st

We find ourselves at Monday again. But it is a new month...March. It is the third month of the year and in three months, the boys will be counting down the days to their summer vacations. Oops, let's stop looking toward the future and take one day at a time, for I don't want to rush things!

Hope all had a nice weekend. Ours, like always, were filled with hockey activities. Between the boys' practices and games, we also had the addition of watching the bronze and gold medal rounds of hockey on the TV. They were all very good games, and while it is natural to root for USA, we weren't disappointed in the outcome.

I found it somewhat hard to have a favorite, when the hockey teams were made up of NHL players from all teams in the league. One of Robert's favorite players was on the Slovakia team...so he was rooting for that team for a while. Some of the NHL Shark players are on the Canada team, so Matthew was hoping that they would do well. I know that these players, the NHL players who play this sport for a living have every right to participate in the Olympics, I just wish that they weren't "All Star" teams. It would be nice to use the Olympic hockey teams as a showcase for up and coming young hockey players. Oh, well...no one asked my opinion.

On the subject of stitching, watching the olympics did give me an opportunity to sit and stitch; so I have been making good progress on the model I am stitching for CindyMae and hoping to have that done in the next couple of days so that I can start on my ornament, Lizzie Kate and season exchanges...finish my sisters "A Walk in the Park"...and maybe give MW a peek of sunlight. Hopefully I will have a project that I can show and tell :)

Take care blog friend! May your Monday bring much happiness and joy!
Remember...Live, Laugh, Love and Stitch Often!