Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Carolyn's Friendship RR is complete and ready to send on...

Just a quick post...I have added my heart on to Carolyn's Friendship RR and will be able to put hers and Marian's in the mail to Karen tomorrow.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Morning...need to recoup from the weekend

Stationary BikeWell I am up and going on this (dark...sun isn't even up yet) Monday morning. It is funny how we all use to look forward to the weekends to rest, recoup and maybe even get some things done around the house. The weekends were a time to "take it easy" and rest up for the work/school week - to rejuvenate our energy in preparation for the next week. However, now a days it is just 2 more days in the week, were we need to run the kids from one activity to the next, to make sure that they get their weekend homework done before Monday. I feel that we run around more on the weekend and almost use some of the week days to rest up. Oh, well. No use in complaining - for that is the lifestyle that we have chose - keeps us all going!

Hockey 1The majority of the weekend was hockey for the boys. Robert (older son) had early morning practices on Saturday and Sunday; which DH takes care of - I only choose to wake up when they do and make sure that Robert has a healthy breakfast, his water bottle and recovery food for after practice (typically banana, applesauce and some kind of granola bar or, this weekend: homemade banana bread). While they are at practice I typically get my exercise out of the way, while doing my Facebook stuff and/or reading & comment on blogs. On both. Saturday and Sunday afternoon, Matthew (younger son)'s hockey team had preseason games. They won both. The preseason games help determine whether a team will be going "A" (a 2nd year team in that particular age group and typically one that plays pretty well) or "B" (typically a 1st year team in that particular age group and is still developing).

Over the weekend I was able to work on the CindyMae Designs models (got one of the ornaments stitched). So, now I will put that down today and work on the Carolyn's Friendship RR in order to get the RRs I have here in the mail as soon as possible.

Well...that is all for now. I wish you all a happy Monday.
Take care and remember...Live, Laugh, Love and Stitch Often! Lisa

Saturday, September 26, 2009

WIPs...RRs...and other things.

It is Saturday...yahoo! I haven't been able to update my blog as much as I wanted to this week - after getting back home from Minnesota, I got hit with the cold that the majority of the players and parents (who went on the trip) came down with; so, it just took me some time to catch up with life. It just seems that now that I am over the 40 year mark, it takes me a little longer to recoup for such travel. Why is that?

Anyway, I thought I would share with you some photos of some of my stitching projects that I have been working on this week. First up is "Trick-or-Treat". The last photo I posted was the T and R without any backstitching. I received some supportive comments which suggested backstitching as I go. So I took that advice and here is what it looks like:

Thank you for the suggestion...now completely done with the T and the R, I have been able to move on to the I (which you can see the beginnings of the purple witch's hat - it is on top of the I). The 2 little black squares between the R and the I is a mask, just having put the yellow & orange "x's" yet.

One of the reasons I haven't gotten too much further on "Trick-or-Treat" this week is because I received the next rounds of the Friendship Sampler RR - the envelope contained Marian's and Carolyn's. Knowing that we all are getting anxious to keep these moving through the mail, I pulled out Marian's on Tuesday evening and started the heart and was able to finish it up on Wednesday (while at the hockey rink...go figure!). So here is a picture of Marian's RR:
Marian followed the DMC colors that pattern called for...and asked all of us to stitch our first and last name, including a little backstitch of where we live. As each of these RRs visit my house, it has been fun to see where each RR member started their RR (some started in a corner, some with the middle heart) and how it has grown since February. Marians is interesting because she did start hers in the upper left hand corner and each of us seem to be adding our heart right after the person ahead of us, thus it is growing in rows (I don't know if that makes sense..but looking at the photo I am sure you know what I am babbling about). Here is a closer look at my heart I added.

In addition to stitching on "Trick-or-Treat" and the Friendship RRs, I have been rotating in some models of Christmas Quaker Ornaments for CindyMae Designs. Her Halloween Quaker Ornaments which she designed and stitched are awesome (I posted them in my previous post, but visit her website and take a look for yourself). In the Christmas Quaker Ornament set there are 5 different designs in the set and they, too, are cut. So, I will be working on getting the models stitched so she can post them on her website...so stay tuned!!!

So this weekend...Carolyn's RR and Christmas Ornaments are on my stitch "to do" list and will be great things to take with me to the hockey rink (as we do have a weekend full of hockey!).

Hope the weekend is good to you and your family. Take care...and...remember to:
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! LisaWeekend 1

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back home...physically and mentally

It was a nice weekend in Minnesota - for hockey and visiting with family. On the hockey side of things, Robert (old son) and his hockey team placed 3rd out of the 9 teams who were part of the tournament. Nothing to sneeze at! After our 8am game on Saturday, we had to wait to find out the outcome of the game being played after us as that was the determining factor in our placement; and would tell us if we were playing Saturday evening or if we got to wait until Sunday morning for the semi-finals. Since we weren't sure, we fed the boys after the morning game and then went back to the hotel so that they could nap...just incase they had to play again. The wait came to an end around 4pm with a phone call from the tournament director letting me know that we had placed 3rd and would be playing in the 7am Sunday semi-finals (we would play the 2nd place team). In the Semis, we played the Chicago Young American team who were undefeated. We scored first when one of our players had a penalty shot and scored...unfortunately this team was very quick and passed well, which frustrated our team - we lost 8 to 3 and remained in 3rd place. At breakfast after the game, the boys were a little bummed, but didn't seem too depressed as they seemed to have smiles on their faces.

On the non-hockey side, we got some nice opportunities to visit with my parents, sisters and niece/nephew who live in Minnesota. Saturday night, as soon as I found out that we didn't have a game to play, Robert and I drove to their house for dinner. We all had a good time catching up. And on Sunday, after we checked out of the hotel, Robert and I went over there to "hang out" before we needed to leave for the airport. While we do a lot of traveling for the boys' hockey activities, it is times like this that is nice...when we either get to meet up with family or high school/college friends.

I didn't get much chance to sit and stitch. On the plane ride there last Thursday morning, I basically slept the whole way; especially since it was very early in the morning and I didn't get much sleep the night before. Coming home, I did take out Trick-or-Treat and took the advice of a few Blogging Friends' comments...I back stitched the "T" and the "R" before moving onto the "I". I don't have any photos of it, but will try to get some posted soon.
I received a new group of patterns from CindyMae Designs - Quaker Style Christmas Ornaments - to stitch models for her. And if you haven't visited her website in a while, you should check out her Quaker Style Halloween Ornaments . I also heard that the next round of Friendship RRs are on their way to me. I am so excited to stitch a few more hearts. The RR took a little longer than anticipated - as we only have 16 members and were trying to send it 2x a month...but life got in the way and probably a few other situations. But I hope that none of the women get too impatient and we can all stick with it to the end.

It is good to be home and I am looking forward to having a free night tonight as we have no hockey practice to drive either boy to. Gives them a time to catch up on their school work and sleep and me a chance to get a little R&R. Today is also the first day of Autumn...so...

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Fall Colors
Have a good day! 
Remember...Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hello from Minnesota. I am here with Robert's hockey team for a tournament. The boys are doing great. They won their first game on Thursday in an exciting game. It was tied 2-2 after the game ended, but they do end in ties...and no overtime...we went to a nervewracking shootout. Which ended on a good note: a win!
Saturday the boys won their second game. The other team scored first which made us nervous. Especially since the other team's goalie seemed to stop every shot & our boys out shot the other team. However, my son tipped a beautiful pass in and scored. Well this proud mother screamed in excitement. At the end we won 2-1.
Today game time is at noon. GO SHARKS!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

T-24 hrs and away I go....

Tomorrow morning at 6:30am, Robert (oldest son) and I will be hopping on a plane to Minnesota for the first "travel" hockey tournament for his team. Getting ready to travel always creates a rise in my stress level, but I think that I am just about ready to go. Last night, while DH was out of town and we had a free evening (aka "no hockey practice") I got the suitcase packed, my "Trick or Treat" stitching project all packed up (especially with very small travel scissors...I don't need any more needlework scissors to be confiscated!), and all the hockey team manager crud all organized. 

It was important that I get all organized last night because tonight is going to be very choatic!!! Matthew's (younger son) hockey team has been invited to the "Shark Tank", where the NHL San Jose Shark team plays, to do a little scrimmage prior to the pre-season "Teal and White" game (this is a game where the NHL team divided up into 2 teams and scrimmages - providing a little exhibition for their fans as well as allow the coaches to still look at some of the veterans and rookies before the final cuts are made before the NHL season starts on Oct. 1). Anyway...so Matthew has to be down in San Jose for this at 5pm and it will be over around 6:30. Right after that, Robert (older son) has a late practice: 7:50-9:20pm - at least the rinks are both in the same area. However, the bottomline is, we will not get home until 11pm...only to have to get up around 3:30am on Thursday for the early flight. So, since I am packed, I will be able to enjoy Matthew's scrimmage this evening and be able to maintain low stress when arriving back home late tonight...I hope.

Well...better go wake up the boys and get them around for school. Until later..remember, Live, Love, Laugh and stitch often! Lisa

Monday, September 14, 2009

Give me a "T"...Give me a "R"...now take a look at my WIP.

Just thought I would share the status of my current WIP..."Trick or Treat" from the October issues of The Stitcher Magazine. Sept. 7 I finished the T...Sept. 14 I finished the R. Well, almost finished, all the xstitches, for I will save the backstitching when I have totally completed the stitching.

That is all for now.
Remember - live, love, laugh and stitch often!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Last day of the weekend and we find ourselves with the typical Sunday Routine for our household...early morning hockey practice, followed by a mid-morning hockey practice...followed by last minute homework and then the afternoon nap before prepping for the upcoming week.

Yesterday, we woke up to a rarity in these parts of California - a thunderstorm. And it was one with a huge display of lightning.While Robert (old son) was eating breakfast in preparation for a Saturday hockey practice, I was at the kitchen table getting ready to put my finishing touches on the CindyMae models I finished. I just got out my sewing machine and arranged all the fabric...when out of the sky came a bolt of lightning and it struck the satellite dish across the street. Around the corner from our development there is a army base which has a satellite station on the hill across from our house. There are three satellite dishes, and the one that was pointing up must have attracted that huge bolt of lightning because it came right down and hit that dish, spraying sparks all over. Thank goodness that the ground was a little wet because it probably would have caused a little fire (as the grassy area that station is located is very brown & normally dry). The small storm stayed around for a little, only dropping a few sprinkles. 

When Robert and DH got back from the rink, we drove down to our local farmers market (the storm was done by 9am). This time of the year at the market is so beautiful, with all the colors of the peppers (green, red, orange, yellow, and combination) and the tomatoes, too. We purchased some fresh tomatoes (eating the cherry tomatoes while we walked up and down the street), green beans, English Peas (which the boys love to open and eat raw)and a loaf of fresh French Bread (also to munch on while walking). The farmers market can be like a huge buffet of fresh foods, because by the time you walk up and down the street, visiting all the booths, you can leave full. 

The rest of Saturday - we didn't do a thing. Robert worked on some of his homework and Matthew read. DH napped and I stitched. I finished up the "finishing touches" to the CindyMae models, which I photographed and emailed to her. And then I sat down to work on "Trick or Treat"...which I will post a photo of my progress later.

Hope the weekend is going well for you! Until later...remember to live, love, laugh and stitch often! 

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sitting and stitching today. Totally taking my "day off" as a "me day". Working hard on finishing up stitching CindyMae Design models and watching Project Runway reruns. And...i have the whole house to myself! Back to stitching...take care!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Trick or Treat" a haunting fun WIP

It has been a long time since I have posted anything - I have been getting sucked into facebook and playing a game called Farmville, where you build a farm, plant & harvest crops, add animals and so on. That game seems to have monopolized much of my on-line time lately. Nevertheless, over the Labor Day weekend, we were busy with hockey (go figure, right?). Robert (older son)'s team was playing in the Labor Day tournament here in San Jose. They ended up making it to the championship round, but lost. So, they placed second (out of 4 teams). It was the first games they played as a team - and they looked pretty good. Next week, I will be traveling with Robert & his team to Minnesota for another tournament. But I will probably be writing more about that as we get closer.
In the meantime, I really wanted to show you my new WIP...From The Cross Stitcher Magazine, I fell in love with the "Trick or Treat Greeting" by designer Ursula Michael. It has so many bright colors and a whimsical pattern, it looked like something that would be fun to stitch...and I don't normally stitch Halloween patterns. So, last Friday I kitted everything up, using Zweiart Belfast Linen (32ct)-Toasted almond and the colors the pattern called for...and then started immediately. As of right now, I have just about finished the "T" of the word "Trick". This is the first time that I have used Krenik #4 braid thread, and one of the colors is 'glow in the dark', which is used around the ghost (and it really does glow...how cool is that).
Well, that's the show and tell for today! Hope you all are doing well. Off to go pick up the boys from school!
Remember...live, love, laugh and stitch often! Lisa

Thursday, September 3, 2009

PS Exchange received and life in general

I received my PS Exchange on Tuesday. It cam all the way from Georgia (USA). This is the first exchange I have received from the US. Not that it matters...just an interesting thing that my sons and I have made note of. Anyway, thank you Roberta for this lovely biscornu. It is my first biscornu. I have read about these on other blogs; read instructions to construct on and even seen the patterns for them...but never have done one. Now I have one for my very own and it is sitting on my night stand. I love it!

This week has just been very, very busy. Actually it started last weekend. Robert (older son) already had homework and was trying to get it all done on Saturday because he knew that we would be at the hockey rink all day on Sunday - which was a little 3 on 3 tournament that I sign the boys up to do with many of their hockey friends, from all different teams around the Bay Area. It is a great event, not only for the kids but for DH and I, as we get to visit (and hear the latest hockey gossip) all day. We left the house at 7:15am and didn't get back until 5pm. It was a long day. 

The rest of this week has been the "normal" juggling of school, work and the boys' hockey practices with back-to-school night thrown in (Robert's middle school was last night and tonight is Matthew's elementary school).It is fun going to hear the teachers talk about what their goals and expectations are for the kids. I am excited for Robert this year - it looks like he will be exposed to many different things in 8th grade. He has a full load with 2 advanced courses (English and Math) and a History teacher who is going to use high school methods for teachers (whatever that meant...assuming more projects, lots of writing and quick pace).

In addition,as I might have wrote - I have accepted the Team Manager position for Robert's team again this year. So I have been busy trying to get all the team information organized and all the important paperwork to the different tournaments coming up. Between now and the holidays, we will be going to:
  1. Blaine, Minnesota for the NAHL Prospects Tournament 
  2. "King of the Rockies" in Denver Colorado (October) 
  3. Nike Bauer tournament in Chicago, ILL (November).
And this weekend, the team will have their first hockey tournament - but thank goodness it is here in town. It makes for an exciting, but busy time for the family. I am grateful that Matthew's team will not be traveling as much, making use of the local tournaments for Thanksgiving and the holidays. 

And, to top those life projects, at work I have been getting ready for a couple of tradeshows and revising data sheets and brochures. So, over all it has been a busy week.
However...tomorrow...NO SCHOOL AND NO WORK!Wakka WakkaThat deserves a happy dance doesn't it? The boys will be able to sleep in and rest and I can....mmmm....there are so many things that I need to do, but thinking I might just do what I want to do! Hopefully get some stitching in as the needle and thread have been calling my name. I am in the middle of some model stitching for CindyMae designs - maybe I will work on those!

Well, anyway. It is time to wrap this up and pick up the boys from school. Hope all of you are doing well!
Take care and remember...live, love, laugh and stitch often! LIsa