Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hi all...I finally get Yahoo and this computer to work. I had things that I was going to post earlier in the week, but I just couldn't get my photos that I emailed to myself to download; actually for some reason I couldn't even get Yahoo to work properly. But anyway, I am back in business now and I can do some show and tell...YAHOO!

First of all, as some of my followers might remember...I lost my grandmother on April 4, 2012 (see post: In Memory to read all about this special lady). On Monday afternoon, a special piece of furniture arrived...

This was my grandmother's secretary desk. Grandma received this from Grandpa for an Anniversary gift back in the 70's.  I guess Grandma and Grandpa were shopping somewhere and she fell in love with the desk. Due to her subtle hints at her desire to have this, Grandpa surprised her with it for their anniversary. When ever I would visit, I would comment my love for this desk too and so Grandma made notes in her will that it should be given to me. It wasn't a simple or cheap process, as it had to be packed and shipped from her house in South Carolina to me in California. After travelling for over a week, it finally arrived on Monday. I unpacked it, cleaned it up and got it all set up. The tea cups and saucers you see in the cabinet were also Grandma's. My grandmother loved to go antiquing...and she always found some kind of treasure. I fell in love with her tea cup collection, which she also made note that I should receive. Thus, I felt that it would be the perfect thing to display the teacups and sauces. Now everytime I walk downstairs and past this secretary desk, I feel that she is here!

Now on to some stitching posted last I was able to get in some stitching done on the L*K Mystery Sampler-Part 1 over the weekend. Here is where I am with it...

I have the majority of the border completed, except some of the long stitches (or "satin stitches" as my grandmother used to call it). I have the beginning of what I believe it to be an owl (he will be wearing that witch's hat). I will post again when I make some more progress.

DH and Robert made it home late Sunday evening from Chicago. Seems that the Jr. hockey camp went pretty well, even though Robert didn't get an invite to skate in the all-star games. Nevertheless, a father-son weekend is priceless and makes for a good opportunity to find new places to eat. Deep dish pizza pies and steaks were the big finds!

That is all I have for you all my friends. Hope all is well with you! Take care and until next time, remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just a Sunday Surf-by

My older son, Robert, and my DH has been in Chicago since Thursday afternoon. They travelled there so Robert could participate in an open camp for the Jr Hockey team called the Topeka Roadrunners. Participating in Jr hockey camps is a path to trying out for such teams. Robert, while being on the younger side for such activity, this is the year he should begin so he can be exposed to coaches and scouts...or so I have heard. Growing up in Minnesota, this whole Jr team business is very foreign...for in the "Land of Hockey" Minnesota kids' hockey path was playing Jr Varsity in middle school, High School hockey in high school and then tryingout/going on to play Div 1 or 3 in college. There was no Jr Hockey team talk. But I guess as long as my DH and my boys understand this foreign path, I am fine. Anyway, with them out of town my younger son and I have been hanging at the house. Most of the weekend was spent working in one or both of our stores, however I have spent the evening getting in some X's in the L*K Mystery Sampler. It is a slow and steady process for me as I am not use to sitting down more than 10 minutes at a time. But as of this morning I have basically finished the border of Part I (minus the long stitches, or what my dearly missed grandmother called "satin stitches"...just not sure I want to do these stitches until the end as I am afraid they might be messed up when using Qsnaps/hoop when I stitch Part 2). No pictures now because computer has travelled to Chicago and I can't seem to figure out how to upload photos to blog when I post using my iPad (anyone out there know if it is possible?). Hope you are having a good weekend. Thank you for surfing by! Until next time, remember... Live, love, laugh, and stitch often! Lisa

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mary Wigham and a surprise in my mailbox

Hi all...hope everyone is doing well - that those who have been experiencing hot weather are getting some relief. We have been very lucky in Northern California to enjoy some wonderful weather in the mid 70s and upper 80s. However the marine layer fogs and winds are moving and some 100s are scheduled for tomorrow. Oh, well...we were doomed to get some soon!

Without hockey in the evenings, we have had some nice relaxing family time hanging in our tv room and vegging. The boys love to play computer games, as well as DH and that leaves me time to make some X's on Mary Wigham.

From a distance, here is what Mary looks like:
(sorry for the wrinkles and hoop marks...I wanted to photo it quickly and was too lazy to iron)
I have started working down the left side of the sampler (section 7). My thought is to work on the border motifs first and then work on the inside.

Here is an upclose look at the motifs I have been working on since my last post:
Top motif - thread: GAST Clover
Bottom motif - thread: GAST Grape Leaf
I love working on these motifs. They seem to be very quick to stitch and I love to see how the changes of color shades change as I stitch.

And now the big new project arrived today (Thank You Mailman)!

Part I of the Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler, fabric and thread arrived today! I can't wait to start...however, I should finish the Grape Leaf motif on Mary first and then start, don't you think? Best to finish one task first!

Well, that is all from here. Take care ya'll and until next time, remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!