Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Finish...A Start....A Progress Report

The First Finish for 2009....drumroll please...
Flatbed Snowman by Bent Creek ("Zippies" Kit)
Linen: 18ct Natural
Thread...whatever was provided in kit

Well...I went through my stash the other night and located this Bent Creek kit. I felt that I needed to find something that I can sit and stitch...complete and post. I just needed that "first finish of 2009" to post. (Just a little note: the white border around the snowman was something that I added - I just jumped in and started it without planning...that is why it is a little unbalanced...oh well, it adds a little personalization to it)

A Start....
Filigree Hearts by The Sweetheart Tree
Fabric: Yellow Linen (from stash...might be 36ct)
Thread: DMC varigated

And then because it was fun to sit and stitch - complete and post - I found another pattern in my stash. This one I picked up from a sale table in on of my LNS many years ago. I remember picking it up because it has hearts - which make good things to stitch and give away as gifts. So, I picked it up to work on, maybe even getting another finish before the end of the month and then I can make it into something and give it as a Valentine's gift.

A Progress Report..."Shoo-Fly"

I had a little over an hour at the rink last night, so I sat and worked on filling in more of the white squares. It is coming along. I enjoy stitching the satin stitches, which are the first part of filling in these square holes. Those stitches go a lot faster - there seems to be a rhythm with those stitches, which allows me to sit and relax - no really thought needed so I can let my mind wander or shut down if I just need to do that, too. In addition to a satin stitch, I am following with an eyelet, which needs some attention because I have to make sure and find the right holes. I am hoping to be done with this part soon, because now I am looking forward to creating the next step. I am not quite sure what the stitches will be, but I know that I will introduce some color in these squares at some point. I want to keep the black because I love the way that it allows for the Shoo-Fly pattern to stick I will think about it.

Hockey Notes...
Well, I just couldn't finish a post without a hockey mention. DH and older son left on a "red eye" last night to Detroit. This is the 2nd trip to that airport for DH in less than 2 weeks, as he just got back home from there on Sunday with young son. But, back in Detroit, they will drive up to Port Huron for oldest son's Silver Stick Finals this weekend. The first game is at 4:15 pm tonight. They arrived at the airport at 5am (east coast) and were planning to drive to the hotel to get some rest before the first game. The "red eye" allowed Robert to go to school, so he didn't have to miss too much this week...and allowed Steve to get some work done. I hope that Robert's team has a better tournament than my younger son. However, after Matthew got back home, he wasn't upset about loosing all 3 games last weekend for he enjoyed playing in the snow!

Hope everyone out there is doing well...thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments. I feel blessed by having this outlet to show off my needlework, to journal a little about my life and to meet others who have similar interests.

Stitch on....Lisa


Angela said...

Adorable snowman finish, congrats :)

Cyn said...

Hi Lisa,

Congratulations on your first finish!

I'm enjoying watching your progress on "Shoo Fly" and catching up on all of your recent posts. :-)

Windy Meadow