Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ramblings about upcoming trip to Quebec

Well, I thought I would take a few minutes and blog about an upcoming trip I will be taking in less than two weeks - especially since the planning and organizing of it will be taking over my life (or so it will seem) in the immediate future. I probably have blogged about it previously, but will introduce it again...quickly. Yes, it has to do with hockey. My older son's (Robert) hockey team has been invited to the largest PeeWee hockey tournament in the world. It is in Quebec City from Feb. 11-22 (we are all leaving the 10th and returning the 23rd). During that 2 week period, all of the boys will be hosted with Quebec families while I, the 2 coaches and one other father, will be staying in a hotel. Why go when I am not staying with my child and probably will not see much of him, unless I watch him play the games? Well, because I am the team manager and will be along to assist the coaches as well as (hopefully) set up some times when the kids will all come to the hotel for some "study halls" (to make up the school work they will be missing).

Traveling isn't as easy as it use to be - at one time in my life I was able to get organized and it is an activity that induces stress and anxiety. However, once I am at the destination, I am fine.

It has been a long time since I have been "on my own" sort-to-speak. I will be in Quebec City without DH and my younger son (Matthew)...and older son will be at someone's house. So, I will technically have no responsibilities. I plan to bring my Friendship Sampler RR and a few other projects and take advantage of this addition, I will also get out and site see the old city of Quebec.

While I am away, my DH will have to deal with getting Matthew around for school and pick him up...he will also have be deal with getting Matthew ready for travel for his own hockey tournament which is over President's Weekend (Feb. 12-16). Maybe it is a good thing to leave DH behind to deal with all these day-to-day things so he can see what I do on a daily basis.

Aside from travelling and leaving 1/2 of my family behind "on their own"...I am stressed out about all the $$$ that I will be spending regarding this trip. Team manager is a volunteer position and going to Quebec is basically a "choice" for the parents...thus, nothing is paid for. At least I don't think so. DH continues to tell me to enjoy the time up there...I hope that I will allow myself too.

Ok...enough rambling on....thank you for reading.
Stitch on....Lisa


valerie said...

It's hard traveling during these difficult economic times. I think you should set a budget for yourself and do a little research for free/low cost fun things to do. There's ton of yours and stuff like that to do. Go out, stroll, see the sights, take your stitching, bring a book and enjoy a little peace and quiet in a new city. You totally deserve some "Lisa" time.

Susan said...

Hi, Lisa - I've just discovered your blog, but I'll be back.

Enjoy your visit to Quebec City - I can understand about the stress of the expenses, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying your visit. When you check into the hotel, grab some of the brochures they usually have by the lobby, and pick some "cheap" things to do - Quebec City is an historic city, so there's probably plenty to do; maybe take a walk, take pictures, etc. If breakfast is included at the hotel, grabbed extra (fruit, muffins etc.) for snacks throughout the day, and limit yourself to one "big" meal a day - maybe a late afternoon meal. That way, you're not paying for both lunch and dinner.

But most of all - have fun!

Cyn said...

Hi Lisa,

Yes, it's hard traveling but think about the memories and experiences that these kids will have since you are supporting them! That's well worth spending the money!

Plus, you will have some time to yourself and plenty of stitching time to recharge your batteries!

And it won't hurt for the other two to have time with each other, especially since DH will really see what goes on every day. :-)

Please let us know what happens when you are able to get back and into your routine. :-)

Windy Meadow