Friday, August 10, 2012

Yes, I'm still here...and I have a lot to show you! has been a long time since I have sat myself down to share with you all. Thank you for being patient. I has been busy around here.

Last weekend I travelled to Orlando, Florida for the Edible Arrangement Franchise Convention. I went there by myself, leaving all the boys (husband and sons) back home. I love going to these conventions, for I get to meet other Edible Arrangement franchise owners, share ideas with them, get information regarding some of the new arrangements and products that the corporate office is working on and get re-energized to go back to our stores! The most exciting part of the weekend was winning one of the regional husband and I were nominated for the Pineapple Star of the West region award and we WON!

Pineapple Star of the West Region 2012
It was so exciting! Feels great to be recognized by the management team of the corporate office as one of the top stores in the West Region.

The plane ride from California to Florida is very, very looooooonnnngggg! It was a good opportunity to get some stitching done. I brought along with me the Lizzie Kate Halloween Mystery Sampler - Part 1. Here is the status of this as of right now...

It's coming a long slowly, but surely...however, it looks like I need to speed things up because I received part 2 in the mail today:

In addition to part 2 of the mystery sampler...I also received my copy of the Just CrossStitch Halloween edition.

There are some really cute Halloween designs to stitch in it! However it has been really hard to find time to sit and stitch since I got back from the Franchise convention; for both of my sons have started their pre-season hockey practices and conditioning activities. My younger son, Matthew, has been skating and working out in the mornings and my older son, Robert, has been doing hill running (conditioning activities) with his team in the evenings. It is great for my workouts (typically join in) and my own fitness routine, but not good for my stitching! But I will make time soon.

One other thing that I would like to show you is something I received from my uncle. While going through my grandmother's house, my mother & uncles found an old dress tucked into one of the closets....and they decided to send it to me.

This dress was my great-grandmothers. She wore it to my great-grandfather's funeral in 1926. It has that 20's flapper look to it, with a bow in the front and a little pleating below the bow. Pretty cool, huh?

Well, thats all I have for my show and tell today. Hope all is well with you!

Take care and remember...

Live, Laugh, Love and Stitch often!