Friday, January 9, 2009

WIP and Packing for travel

Well, here is where I am with this "Shoo-Fly" Quilt. The last yellow one is taking me a while to get done. This week was too much of a mental challenge for me to get through that I just couldn't make time to sit, stitch and relax. But with my upcoming travel...a plane ride of 6 hours...I am sure that I will have an opportunity to get some stitching done.

How does one pack their stitching stuff when traveling on a plane? Are scissors ok to bring on board? Are laying tools ok? How much is too much? That is always something that I ponder - for I know that there will not be a whole lot of time to sit and pull out my stitching during many of these trips (where it is a family oriented one like this one or a hockey trip)...yet, I always feel inclined to bring the current project plus more (other projects and more stash). However, I think that I am doing pretty good for this trip (which is for my grandfather's funeral and only the weekend). I am bringing my current project and then one other little zipper pouch w/thread and small patterns (just incase). And I cannot forget the letter I wrote to my Grandfather that I am going to read during the memorial service.

Well, I am just about set to go...just need to finish up a couple more things around the house and pick up Robert from school & head out to the airport.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Stitch on...Lisa


saras said...

I just flew to Alaska.. no scissors allowed yet! :) I took toenail clippers.. they were clean, I only use them for my floss! :) That or kids safety scissors. But when I flew out of Jamaica, they didn't want me to take the safety scissors! Those things would barely even cut the thread! I've found that quick and easy patterns are the best for the cramped spaces on planes! I learned that the hard way a few years ago, when I had to frog an entire skirt on an angel! :) good luck!

Margaret said...

I usually take quick and easy, small projects on plane trips. If I'm going to be somewhere awhile and have time to stitch, and a project going, I will sometimes pack that. For the airplane, I have a Clover Thread Cutter.

Daffycat said...

I've flown from Florida and to London and back 3 times with needles and rounded point safety scissors and never had a problem passing security. Tiny nail clippers work to snip threads too. Don't take anything you would have a problem tossing out though!

Cyn said...

Hi Lisa,

I've enjoyed reading all of your posts and all of the comments! Yep, I read everyone!!! :-)

Windy Meadow