Friday, October 10, 2014

A Happy Dance on Friday :)

Exodus 4:12-15 - My Torah panel for the Torah Stitch by Stitch International project
It is complete!
The last stitch was crossed on the burning bush!
Time for a Happy Dance!

I will be finishing up some of the required paperwork over this weekend, which is required to be a part of this project, and then it will be traveling to Toronto Canada to be joined with the other panels. I am excited to be done but, as always, it is always hard to part with a stitched project. But I know that it is a part of a much larger thing.

Now to figure out what I would like to put some X's in...I have several WIPs which I should bring out of the dark and I have a few new things that I am aching to start...and I have the Just CrossStitch Ornament edition that is also calling my name. Ugh, so many little time :)

Well...I am going to hunt through my stash and make a decision. I'll let you know what I decide next time. Until then, take care and remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!

Egret walking along the little waterfall near our neighborhood golf course - photographed on my walk in the gloomy, fall day in Northern California

Friday, October 3, 2014


TGIF and Hello from rainy, gloomy Detroit, Michigan. It is the first hockey tournament for Matthew (my youngest son). We left mid-morning and arrived here in the late afternoon. Perfect timing for a nice team meal catered by the hotel.
Matthew and his teammates camped out at the gate waiting to board the plane to Detroit for the first hockey tournament of the season.
The flight was smooth and gave me some time to put some X's in my torah portion. Here is what the burning bush looks like now.
I am feeling pretty good about how it is coming. When I am finish filling it in with Gold-#729 and Red-#816, there might be a little frogging to do. There is an area where I stitched some Red X's on the left hand side, which I am thinking Gold might look better. But I want to wait until the whole thing is stitch to make that decision. If anyone has any thought, please let me know. I value your opinion.

Well, sorry so short today. On East Coast time, so I need to get my day started. But I will leave you with this photo...
Wednesday morning's run from my house to our store, this hawk was sitting on the bridge, looking down into the creek - probably hunting for his breakfast. As I jogged past, he didn't move and I was pretty close to him. He was so beautiful. I go. Until next time, take care and remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!