Saturday, January 24, 2009

Peaceful Weekend - Cancelled...looking for the bright side.

This weekend I was looking forward to getting a few things done here at home while DH and older son were in Michigan for a hockey tournament and younger son was [suppose] to go to a birthday slumber party tonight. On my list of things to do were:
1. Update Finances (i.e. reconsile checkbook/credit card statements) - edited @ 1:45pm (PDT)...COMPLETED - not excited about outcome, but it is updated...will need to watch spending
2. Clean out closet in office - COMPLETED (yahoo!)
3. Clean out master bedroom closet
4. Box up things to give to Women's/Children's shelter
5. Get a little stitching done - stayed up late last night and stitched (will post later)

Well...first younger son's friend gets the flu so the slumber party is cancelled. No problem, he likes to hang at home; so, I could still get some things checked off my list. older son's hockey team lost 2 of their 3 games in Michigan, so they are done...and change of flight will get them in town tonight. Oh much for my quiet weekend.

However, it is important to put a positive spin on this, I think; because between the gloomy weather here in Northern California and the current economic situation which seems very gloom/, here is my positive spin:

I feel grateful that my DH and older son get to come home early this weekend because we haven't had a weekend day where we are all together in a long time. Maybe we can do some "low-key" family activities - like have a family meal, play a board game together, catch up on the school projects that are looming over us. Then Monday, DH can go on to work, and my sons & I can have a house cleaning day (since they don't have school due to teacher's inservice day).

Thank you all for reading and posting comments - I love reading them! Have a good Saturday!
Stitch on....Lisa


Wendy said...

It is always nice if you can be with your family together. Hope your son will feel much better, it hurts so much if you have the flu.

Threeundertwo said...

If I got one closet cleaned out I would be delirious with happiness. Hope you enjoy the newfound family time! I'm thinking popcorn and movies on the couch for us - I'm so tired of this drab weather!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Cyn said...

Hi Lisa,

I know the feeling! You spend part of the week planning out what you want to get done and then things change. Can be very frustrating but can also be fun! Been there and done that many times! At least it's not your kids who are sick. :-)

Looking forward to seeing new stitching pictures. :-)

Windy Meadow