Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday's Furniture and Finishing

First the Furniture....
No...this is not a photo of our backyard in Northern California (thank goodness...for I gave up snow & cold when I left Minnesota 5 years ago). This is a photo of my oldest son (the first one on the right hand side) and 3 of his hockey friends on their snow couch they built when they were in Michigan for their hockey tournament last weekend (was that just last weekend?). Why a couch and not a snowman...who knows. It is a good thing that they have memories like this, that will last a life time, because their hockey games didn't go as they had planned...and my son came back very upset.

Well, this weekend they have the opportunity to regain their #1 position in the national rankings for their age is hockey playoff weekend for them. If they win their 3 games, then next weekend we head down to Los Angeles for States...and then get home 2 days before we take off for Quebec City...ugh.

On the subject of stitching....
I am 3 eyelets away from finishing the first part of filling in the white squares on the "Shoo-fly" project. Yipee! After that is complete, I will continue to fill in those white squares. I have come up with a pattern to complete them. As soon as I have one done, I will take a photo and post it - so Stay Tuned!

Another note of completion...this one has to do with my part-time job (I work out of the house 4 days a week). I have been working on a major revision project, revising technical data sheets and I finished the revision today and just handed all of the pdf files to the company's webmaster to upload! Ya-hooooooo! This is so exciting - especially the part about doing it all inhouse rather than giving it to the graphic company we use. My boss and I figure we probably saved the company around $5K. For a big company, that is probably "nickles and dimes" - but every little bit helps!

Just incase I am stuck in a rink all weekend and can't post...have a good weekend! Enjoy your family and friends and...Stitch on! Lisa


kathyskwilts said...

That snow couch could be in my backyard in Michigan. Is Lisa's Center Hockey Quilt on Webspots your quilt? It is awesome. Is there a pattern available for it? I have 2 'acquired' grandsons who are on hockey teams and have been looking for an out of the ordinary pattern for a birthday quilt. If there is a pattern, do you know where I could purchase it?

Cyn said...

Hi Lisa,

Love the idea of a snow couch! Smart boys, they just had to pile it up instead of rolling snowballs. :-)

Please post updated pictures of "Shoo Fly" when you get a chance.

Congratulations on finishing up the work project. Isn't that a great feeling!

Windy Meadow