Friday, October 25, 2013

A day off

On Fridays, I typically get a "day off" from the store and take the opportunity to get in a good run (or very long walk). Today I just wasn't feeling up to one of those...just wasn't feeling 100%, so putting on my running shoes and heading out wasn't something that was really appealing to me.

But, since there was a little crispness to the air, I had an itching to make home made bread...honey challah to be exact. My fingers were aching to do some kneading and I was craving some of that nice, fluffy sweet egg bread.

So, down stairs to the kitchen I went to collect the ingredients: eggs, honey, water, flour, oil, poppy seeds and yeast. Since I was in the mood for this activity, everything seemed to go smoothly...the yeast/water/honey mixture seem to bubble...the flour mixed in well and the kneaded dough was smooooooth...
Here is my kneaded ball of dough...ready to rest & rise for a couple of hours.
Once kneaded, the ball of dough got to rest and rise for a couple of hours until it was double its size. Then, I took that big boy and punched it down and kneaded a little more before dividing it up into 6 smaller balls. These balls were rolled out into long "snakes". I grouped 3 "snakes" together and braided them...creating 2 loves of braided honey challah.
A braided loaf with a egg white wash and a sprinkle of poppy seeds
Each loaf was brushed with an egg white wash and sprinkled with poppy seeds. Into a 325 degree oven they went for an hour or so until...

they were golden brown and the crust was crispy & sweet. YUM! And my house smells so good. Wish that I could add the smell of home made bread to my post!

Homemade bread, grilled beef ribs and fresh green beans...the perfect family dinner!

And to end my "day off" I even got in a few X's on LHN Monthly Sampler-March - finished the green grassy hill and got a start on on of the 4 leaf clovers.

Well, I did manage to get in a short walk. Bruno, our 11-year old puppy needed to get out and see if there were any new smells around the neighborhood.

When we got back, he was pooped...that is kind of how I have felt all day.

Well...until next time, take care and remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often

Monday, October 21, 2013

Catching Up

Life has a way of moving, moving and moving. Always something to do, to drive to, to get ready for. Definitely keeps me hopping!

So, what has gone on in this household? Well...

There was homecoming, which my younger son went to the homecoming dance with a couple of his hockey teammates:
My son, Matthew, is the one in the middle.
Handsome young men, don't you think?
Girls going with girls and boys going with boys to the dance seems to be the going trend now-a-days. Too much pressure asking the other sex to the dance...better to go with your "buds" and meet up with your friends at the dance.

Then, as always, there is hockey. Last weekend we had game after game to attend as both my boys played. My younger son, Matthew, and his teammates won the championship of their division:
North American Bantam Tournament Series Champs!
My older son's team played a series of games...they have the season to go before any playoffs or championships.

With all of that going on, I have managed to put a few X's into LHN's Monthly Samplers - March. Here is a status snapshot for you:
Little House Needleworks
The little lambs on the grassy hill are so cute. There is one more on top of the hill I will need to stitch.

Anyway...that is a little update on life. Hope you all are doing well.

Until next time, take care and remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Sad and deep in thought

Pumpkin Heaven
As most of you have heard, the blogging-stitching community has lost a member today - dear Cathey. I was struck with sadness, when I went through my morning routine of checking my emails upon waking up and seeing my "...daily feed" from Bloglovin'. Three new posts in several blogs, all stated the same sad news.

I was amazed at my reaction...I sobbed...the tears flowed easily down my cheeks. My heart ached. Prayers of love were sent to Junior and his father.

I have never met Cathey. I have never spoken, emailed, or texted Cathey. But, yet, there was this connection I felt. After finding her blog many years ago and reading each and every post...all about her stitching projects, her pregnancy and her cancer. If felt like I knew her. She let us into her life and her thoughts.

There is something so wonderful about the internet - how it connects so many of us - near and far. Creating a community.Some days the world seems so big...and other days - very, very small.

So on this day, with a heavy heart - I send my thoughts and prayers to Cathey's family, to her friends and to the blogging community that we all belong to. May her memories live through all of us.

Until next time, my blogging friends...I wish you much love. Take care of yourselves.

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

OMG...where have I been and what have I been up to?

Wow! I can't believe that it is October already and that it has been almost 2 months since I have blogged. Things have been so crazy busy...but that is the story of my life, isn't it?

After getting back from the East coast, it was time to get ready to send the boys back to school - which started the end of August. Robert is a senior in high school now and Matthew a freshman. They both love the fact that they are attending the same school.

Left to Right: Matthew (freshman) and Robert (senior)
Once school got going...the hockey season really took off too. Two to three practices a week (x 2 because both boys play) and have both started traveling for tournaments. Matthew's team went to Vancouver the 2nd weekend in September and Robert's team went to Minnesota the weekend after. I got to travel with both.

In Vancouver, I found time to go for a nice run and these are the sights I found while running on a really neat running/biking path...

In Minnesota, I got to hang-out and visit with my family. I love when the boys have tournaments in Minnesota for it gives me a great opportunity to catch up with my family.

In the back: my younger sister Jamie, Me in the middle and the middle sister Debbie
In the front: my mother and father
Me and my sister Debbie
Now back at home, I am back in the routine of working in our store(s) and driving the boys to the hockey rink while trying to fit in a good run/walk. We are also dealing with a small issue with our dog. Seems that he has a growth on his tail (poor puppy). First, diagnosis is not we are trying some meds. But if the growth doesn't get smaller...we'll we will determine the action. He is 11 years old, so not sure how much we will do.
Bruno after getting groomed. He loves riding in the car and looking out the windows.
Or just laying down and relaxing.
So that is what I have basically been up to. I miss x-stitching and the needle is calling my name, but just haven't found the time to sit my @$$ down to stitch. Hopefully soon!

Take care and remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!