Monday, January 26, 2009

Progress Report

Well, even though my plans got a little "messed up" due to the early return of DH and older son - I was still able to get some of my household projects done before their return on Saturday night. I do have to say that it was nice to have the whole family at home on Sunday. We didn't do much - with all the travel and hockey activities, that was probably best for all. However, we did enjoy a "picnic" Chinese lunch (it is Chinese New Year's ) while watching the Hockey All-Star Pre-game events on TV. DH and both sons played some sort of computer game throughout the day - using 2 of our 3 computers to play eachother...which kept them all occupied, so I was able to relax and stitch. Not a bad thing at all!!!! is what I was able to get done:

Here is the Filigree Heart (by The Sweetheart Tree). Both hearts are now complete. I also finished border using blue (Varigated DMC#103) and Blanc (still have a few more stitches in the left hand corner and then the border is totally complete). I will then finish project up with some flowers where there is a break in the stems (either with lazy daizy stitch & beads...or just with beads as the pattern calls for). I am thinking about finishing this up as a pin keep. I received some great websites with tutorials for such a finishing from several of the woman in my Friendship Sampler RR group. It looks pretty simple. is the progress on "Shoo-Fly":

I took some time to get the black satin stitches done in the squares. Now I just have to go back into 3 of them and do the eyelit stitches. This is a little tedious and black isn't that exciting to stitch with. But I like the way that the black makes the other colors stand out. When looking at it "in person" ther is almost this 3D effect with the black. I think that I will also do black around the edges to really make it pop. When sitting at the hockey rink, working on this project, I continue to get the question: "What are you going to do with that?" That is a question I ask myself all the time, too. I don't know is the response I give myself as well as those who ask. A pillow would be fun - a finishing I haven't done for myself (I have done a couple of ring pillows for family & friends). Well, that is what is fun with some of these things I just "go & stitch" w/o plans.
Regarding the Friendship Sampler RR...I think that we are almost up to 20 women. Last count was either 17 or 18. I have my pattern, but haven't really done anything with it...I know that some of the group has gotten their linen together and have even put some thought into the floss they are going to use. In fact 1 or 2 have even started to stitch it. I think that our first mailing has to be done by the end of February, so I still have some time to organize it. It might be one of the projects I take with me to Quebec and send from there (Quebec is the tournament that I am going to with my oldest son from Feb. myself in a hotel - for the most part - I will have time to sit & stitch).
Well...hope everyone has a great Monday. I am grateful for all those who read my blog...and blessed to have spent Sunday with my family all together, relaxing at home.
Stitch on...Lisa


starydreamer said...

very nice stitching :-) thankyou for stopping by my blog
hugs kay x

Beth said...

Great progress, Lisa! I think you should definitely do the black around the edges. The colors REALLY pop wiht it!!

Janet said...

This is such an exciting piece, the colours are divine! I love your blog and it is very reassuring (as the mother of 2 small boys) to see that it is, in fact, possible to pursue this wonderful hobby in a house full of testosterone!!