Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend's Over - RR ready to send & stressed out household

The weekend is finishing up and I was able to finish up Kathy's RR in order to get it in the mail tomorrow, before taking off to North Carolina on Tuesday. I love the colors that Kathy chose - lavendars, lime greens, dusty blues. I was going to do a different heart and even started to stitch it, but it wasn't lining up with her middle; so I decided to remove it and stitch the one that Michele did - that way I can be sure that I got my heart in the right place.

I am glad that the weekend is over...not a typical reaction most people have on a Sunday evening. But this was not a "fun" weekend. I felt like I was "walking on eggshells" around my DH - things get stressful like this when things don't go "his way". I think that all of this hockey travel for the 2 boys, which takes us in two different directions is wearing on us. Also, I have been doing the majority of the travel with the older son - and this weekend he is going to Nationals which is a HUGE thing - which DH would love to be at (but as the team manager, I have to be there). Our younger son is going to his hockey State Finals next weekend, so DH needs to go there with him. Well - we are looking forward for both boys' exciting finale(s) to their hockey season.

On the "good" side of the weekend - not only did I finish up the RR - but I got all the bathrooms cleaned today! That is a good thing and a nice way to leave the house.

I wish everyone a good week! Remember to Live, Laugh, Love and Stitch often! Lisa


Kathy in Orange County California said...

Good luck to both of your boys - I will be thinking of them, and keeping my fingers crossed for them while they're crossed for my nephew!

Kathy in Orange County California said...

Congrats to your son on today's win in the his team and my nephew's team are both 1-1 so far! (I feel vaguely like a hockey stalker knowing that!). And my sister said she does "know" you, since HockeyShots did your sons pictures and she works for them.

Kathy in Orange County California said...

Well...Tyler's team is out, but your son's team is still hanging in there....keeping my fingers crossed for him!!!