Friday, March 20, 2009

An Update on Friday

It is Friday - Yippee! This weekend is NorCal (stands for Northern California) hockey playoffs for my younger son. Tonight is the first game, followed by 2 tomorrow - and then depending on how well his team does, there might be the Championship game on Sunday. It will be fun to all be home to focus on the younger son...for the older one has been getting a lot of attention regarding his hockey.

Earlier in the week, I mailed off the Friendship Sampler RR and hear that it has already been received in AZ. So, while I have been waiting to receive the one coming from WA, I have been working on a few other projects. I did finish Frosty Friends, which I have finished off as a pin-keep...this is my first time attempting one. I do need to put on a ribbon or something, just incase the person receiving this wants to hang it. I am planning to give this one to my grandmother, who might be coming to North Carolina when I am there (when Older Son plays in National Hockey tournament). I stitched the Frosty Friends ornament with her in mind. The pattern does call for the lime green coloring of the hat...which reminded me of the Gecko Green VW Bug that my grandmother would love to have (but was denied...for my uncle didn't think that a 90 year old woman needed to drive around in the Bug). The pattern also called for the bird to be stitched in blue (blue birds are a symbol of friendship). However, I decided to make it a red represent my grandfather, her husband, who past away on December 24th. My grandparents lived in St. Louis, Mo for a long time and the Cardinals were my grandfather's favorite baseball team. So, the more I looked at this little pattern, the more I saw my grandmother and my grandfather looking at eachother. Like the little bird came down to visit. I think that it came out pretty good...finishing it up around the corners was a challenge. But I am happy with it and I hope she likes it.

The new thing that I am working on is this little pattern I found in the Freebies on DMC website (I think). I am doing it on 32ct evenweave - 1 over 1. Very, very tiny! It says "Wish. Dream. Hope. Believe." It has a star, moon and heart - and then a border of triangles, which are done in varigated colors. I will post more photos are I do more. It really is a challenge to do 1 over 1. I have never really done this before...very challenging! to get my family around so that I can get my family around and out the door for the hockey game.

Have a good evening!


Michele said...

Love your finish! Nice first pinkeep :) I'm sure you're grandma will love it too!

What a sweet freebie :) Can't wait to see it finish .. it is tiny!

Susan said...

Congratulations on your first pinkeep, Lisa - you did a lovely job!

Wendy said...

Love your finish! Congrats on your first pinkeep, it looks wonderful!