Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday the 13th isn't always unlucky...thank goodness

I have not been very good about keeping up with the blog this week...after getting back from Seattle, I have been busy. With the win of Districts for Robert's hockey team, comes more work to get ready for Nationals - paperwork, registration, plane ticket reservations and booking hotel room for the team...along with other organizational things. I have also decided to go to the dr to find out if there is anything that will help get rid of this cold I have been dealing with for over a month. Now with an antibiotic and the bulk of the hockey things organized I feel that I can get on with other parts of life for a while.

Before I update you on my stitching projects, I just want to express my thanks to my lucky stars...we have had car issues for a while with both our old cars (one is a 1995 jeep, the other is a 2001 jeep) - but we are the kind of people who just tend to "run them into the ground". Well, it looks like we might have with the 2001...this morning, DH was running Robert down to an early morning hockey practice @ 5:00am, when he called because the car died on the side of the road. I jumped into the other car and we got Robert to practice and then dealt with getting the other car towed to a service center. But the thing I feel very lucky about is...the car has been making funny noises since Wednesday evening, but we just wanted to make it to the weekend when we could deal with it. Yesterday, I drove carpool (i.e. had other kids in the car) to hockey - making it down there and back (on Fri. the 13th nonetheless) without any issues. No problems until this morning.

And, while I am expressing thanks...the inheritance from my grandmother who passed away in November showed up on Wednesday. The timing was perfect, because we were just about to get a loan to buy a used car. So...with some cash in our hands...and one "toasted" car...purchasing the used car couldn't come at a better time. It is nice when the stars line up nicely.

On the Stitching Front...(I will post photos later today)
I started stitching my heart onto Michelle's Friendship Sampler for the RR I am participating in. It was a little stressful stitching it because - I stressed over getting the count right, over making sure that my crosses matched her crosses, making sure that the color combo was correct as per her directions, etc. I have finished the heart and just need to stitch my name and state by it. We are doing mailings around the 15th and 30th of each I will have it done this weekend in order to send it out by Monday. One of the extra special things that she requested is each of us enclose a postcard that represents where we live and then write something about ourselves on the back. I haven't done this yet. I live near some of the famous cities in Northern California, but not near enough to purchase a I might just print out a picture that represents the area I live in and then write on the back.

The other project I am working on is called Frosty is coming is a nice easy project; but just having made time to really sit and stitch it.

Well, I have our plane tickets purchased for North Carolina for National Championship (son's hockey) for the first weekend in April. I have emailed the NC RR girls to let them know I will somewhat close by and hoping that I might meet one of addition, I found out that my 90 year old grandmother (who lives in SC) might be driven up to join us for the hockey tournament by my cousin. I am keeping my fingers crossed. One of the things my son said when he woke up for the Districts Championship game last weekend, was: "This game is for Gi-Gi (great-grandma)". We have been talking about the possibility of making it to Nationals in North Carolina all season and thoughts of my grandmother (his great-grandmother) coming to see him play hockey. How cool will this be if she does!!!

I promise pictures soon of my stitching...hope everyone is doing well. Remember - Live, Love, Laugh and stitch often! Lisa


Kathy in Orange County California said...

I thought I remembered how to e-mail you "off blog"...but alas, I either didn't really know or I've forgotten, which is the same end result! Congrats to your son on making it to the national tournament - so did my nephew for his age group! His is in Pittsburgh. So.....I'll keep my fingers crossed for your son while they're crossed for my nephew - and let me tell you, stitching with crossed fingers is a challenge!

saras said...

I think I forgot to email you back about your trip to NC! Duh! I live near Raleigh, the area I'm in is a good three hours from Charlotte. What dates were you going to be down here? I need to check and see if we'll be in town.

valerie said...

Congratulations on your son's win...this hockey stuff sounds very exciting. And it's a good thing that the car lasted until the weekend. Have fun buying a new car. I am hoping my car will last til next's quite old. I wish I had known you needed a postcard. I have quite a few bay area ones and could have mailed one to you to pass onto Michele!

Michele said...

Lisa! I'm sorry you got stressed with my RR :( I hope the next RR goes better for you. It is a bit stressful isn't it to stitch on someone else's piece. I'm soo dense, I wouldn't have thought about the direction of the cross until you mentioned it :)

Cindy F. said...

Best of luck to your son's team!
Wave to my mom in N.C. :)

and that's wonderful news your grandmother is helping you from above!!