Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reading Blogs

Visiting and reading blogs has become part of my early morning exercise routine. Sound strange? Well, it probably is - and to prove that I do this activity, I posted an embarrassing photo (which was previously posted back in December) of me...on the bike...spinning...with the laptop on the reading shelf. Getting up in the morning to spin and sweat is almost like a drug. If I can get my ol' body out of bed in the wee hours of the morning (ie 4:30am) to get in about 2 hours of movement & sweat - it usually starts my morning off in a good way.

Two hours does get boring...I do have a supply of magazines (some health related, many are stitch related-love to look at all the designs & stitches and thinking about fun project to do), some books...but having the laptop and reading blogs has become a big part of my wee hour routine. One of the first blogs that I read was The Two-Handed Stitcher by one of my favorite designers. She would write about her designs, some of the free ones you can find on her website, or a little bit about the region she lives. Another blog, which really inspired me to start writing my own was Crossed Purposes. Not only did this blogger write about the projects she was stitching, but about her daily struggles - which really drew me in. It really drew me into her life. Since November, when I became a blogger myself, I started "bookmarking" all of the blogs that drew me in because of their stitching and/or their "open door" to their life.

Now, almost everyday, when I wake up and get on this silly exercise bike, I turn on this old laptop and run through my "favorite" visit "my friends"...checking to see how everyone is doing? What project are they starting? What have they finished? Are they looking for opinions regarding thread/fabric? Are they feeling better? Did they get the job? How are the kids/grandkids? If it has been awhile since they have written, I do find myself worrying about them - are they ok? Are they taking some time for themselves, like a needed vacation?

On some blogs, I feel inclined to post a comment - an opinion - offer compliments - offer sympathies - or encouragements. Through the blogging community I have found a belonging, a fellowship and friends.

It is interesting the impact that blogging and reading blogs has affected my life. I am grateful for those who have inspired me to blog & read blogs; I am grateful for the community out there. Thank you!

And thank you for visiting and reading my blog today. Remember to Live, Love & Laugh...and to stitch often! Lisa


Wendy said...

Well, I'm addicted to blogging too. It is so nice you can meet new friends through blogging and also get inspired from eachother.

valerie said...

I'm still shocked you can work out and type/mouse without falling off. I'd fall off! I really enjoy reading your blog too and am so happy to find another bay area stitcher and blogger. Yay!

Michele said...

I loved this post Lisa! and loved seeing you spinning and reading :)

I'm really glad you joined the blogging community and very glad I got to meet you :)