Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hockey in North Carolina and a mini-family reunion

Hello from North Carolina and the National Hockey Championship (don't have any stitching news right now, but wanted to share with you some of the exciting things going on here). My son, Robert and I arrived in NC on Tuesday - long flights and long ride to our hotel [I got lost :( ]
Our first game wasn't until Wednesday afternoon, so we were able to get to bed and get a good night sleep before having to head to the rink for the first game.
The Charlotte Jr. Checkers (the host hockey team) & the National committee coordinated a wonderful & fun way for all the hockey teams to be transported to the rink for their first game...they were picked up 2 hours from their hotel in a stretch white hummer limo. When the limo arrived at our hotel to pick up our team (who didn't really know about this event) some of the kids thought it was an April Fools joke. Upon entering the limo, they were given a pair of sunglasses to wear - as they were being treated celebreties for the moment (this was their 15 minutes of fame, I guess). When they arrived at the rink, they exited the limo and entered the building where they signed the official autograph board...and then they went to the locker room to dress for their first game. Their game was very exciting...unfortunately it ended in an overtime loss, but they played a very good game.
Today, they played their second game and won 10-1. We have one more game tomorrow before we find out if we made it to the quarterfinals on Saturday and what time we play. Keep your fingers crossed.
Another very cool thing that is occuring is a lot of family has come to this parents from Minnesota, my in-laws from Kansas, my grandmother from South Carolina and my uncle & cousin from Raliegh, NC. We have 4 generations here...

That certainally makes this weekend extra special! Well, thank you all for reading my non-stitching entry.

Take care!

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