Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thoughtful Tuesday

Maybe there is something going around, something more than the common cold or the Super Flu bug. But whatever it is, there are a lot of us who are coming down with it...the Big Blahs. Symptoms...tired, dazed, "out of it", loss of focus, "too much on my plate - but no time", cranky, achy.

Maybe it is being caused by the weather - too much snow in some places, too much rain in others...not enough moisture for some.

Maybe it is the economy and the financial woes out there - some loosing their job, some in fear of loosing their job, some receiving pay cuts so that they can keep their job...now there is not enough money to pay the bills, to live as we are use to or as we would like to.

Yesterday, I came to realize that it is I who has the power to control my thoughts, my desires - influence the outcome of my day. It is I who can control my reactions to things that might come my way, whether it be good things or not so good. No, I cannot control what others do and what events take place...I cannot really control my destiny...but I can decide how I am going to react to what is dealt to me.

Yesterday, I "willed" myself to get up and get going - to start my day. Today, I was a little late out of bed (by my standards), but I, again, "willed" myself to get up and get going - to start my day. The wee hours of the morning are MINE. They help me organized my thoughts and exercise my body (I am on the stationary bike as I type this posting). It also provides me with opportunities I might not have - this morning I was able to kiss DH good bye as he left for an early flight out east; this morning I was able to read some new blogs and meet some new bloggers (and learn a little about their lives & stitching interests).

I wish everyone to find their on "will" and to make the most of every moment - whether it is in the wee hours of the morning or the wee hours of the evening...or anytime in between. Make it YOUR OWN.

Dear Readers - thank you for your time, thank you for reading. If there is something that you take from my morning's rambling - I am grateful. If there isn't anything that you can gleem from my morning's ramblings...that is a-ok too. I am just grateful that you are here today!

Remember to: Live, Love, Laugh...and stitch often! Lisa

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valerie said...

I have no idea how you type while riding your exercise bike! That sounds extremely talented to me but it's good that you make the time for yourself to exercise. It's sometimes the easiest thing to give up and the hardest thing to get back into. Good for you!