Monday, March 23, 2009

Hockey weekend - and now to the beginning of another week...

It is Monday, and like everyone else I wonder where the weekend went. This weekend was "playoff" weekend for my younger son's hockey team. The top 4 teams in his age division (called Squirts which are 9-10 year olds) battled for the title "NorCal Champions" as well as battled for a 1st or 2nd place which advances them to the State Finals; which take place April 3-5....the same weekend I am in North Carolina with my older son for his hockey team's battle at Nationals. Matthew and his team battled hard - they won their first game 4-1 (and Matthew got the team winning goal, which is the 2nd one for this game). They lost their second game and tied their third...but due to the way the other teams ended up - Matthew and his team came in second and went to play in the Championship game yesterday. Unfortunately, they did lose - but because they did come in 2nd they still advance and go to STATEs. So, once again the family will be in two different parts of the US for a weekend. But I think that will be the last weekend of travel for quite awhile. It has all been good things to travel for...but the cost is hitting the pocketbook and it is time to curtail the spending for awhile.
However, while I have been home these last few weekends, I have been making a dent in some of the house hold chores that seem to get ignored when I am busy or out of town. I go the lawn mowed and started to weed the back yard - I will probably have another go at it next weekend before I take off for North Carolina on the 31st of March. I also got the kitchen floor cleaned & mopped. Yahoo (that should last a least for a few days).

On the Stitching side of life...I did get a little work done on my little "Wish, Dream...". But not enough to show right now. It sounds like I will be receiving Kathy's Friendship Sampler RR from Michele this week (please Mr. or Mrs. Postperson) - and I look forward to receiving it and working on my heart for hers. This is really a fun activity!

Well...time to get the week started - school for the boys and work for DH & I; followed by hockey practices for the National & State bound boys...hope this week brings you all much love, laughter and goodness! Remember to Stitch often! Lisa

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