Thursday, March 5, 2009

Packed for, yet, another trip...and looking forward to it!

I have been working on Frosty Friend (the snowman posted earlier in the week)...and I was going to take a photo of it to show my progress, but just didn't get a chance today. My older son left for Seattle, flying with 2 other hockey family friends - this is the first time that he has flown without DH or I was a little out of sorts. But he called as soon as they landed - and then tonight he called to tell me that they won their first hockey game for Districts (and he had the game winning goal! How cool is that?).

After going to work today, I ran a few errands - trying to stock the house with food for DH and younger son. I also made homemade banana bread for them - and double chocolate chip muffins.

Not only am I looking forward to getting to Seattle to be with my son & his hockey team, again, this weekend; but I have an opportunity to meet someone who is in the Friendship Sampler RR I am part of.

Well, I am sorry that this is short and very sorry that I haven't posted any stitching photos or stitching life is a little crazy right now.

Hope everyone is doing well...Happy thoughts being sent out to a good friend in Minnesota and more going out to Beth - a blog friend!

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