Thursday, March 26, 2009

A fly by posting....thoughts of next weeks travels

Hello out there in blog land - it has been a basically busy week as weeks go here in my household. A lot of hockey practices to go to as both boys' teams are getting ready for the last Big Show of the year - Older Son, Robert is going to Nationals in North Carolina and Younger Son, Matthew is going to State Finals in Southern California. I'll be off to NC next week and DH will be off to SoCal. It seems like we all are never in the same place lately. However...tonight there is NO HOCKEY practice! Yahoo! And we all can be home together!

I am looking forward to the trip over to NC, not only to be there for my son and Nationals (I hear it is something to really take in and experience)...but I have family coming to meet us there. My parents, from Minnesota; my in-laws from Kansas and an Uncle/Aunt will be driving over from another part of NC to meet up with us. But the really neat thing is, my grandmother (Robert's great-grandmother) will be able to travel up from SC to meet up with us all. My parents are helping to make this happen. In the beginning of the season, when we heard the hockey schedule and the locations of Nationals being in NC...I kept hoping that the team would make it there - for how neat would it be to have my grand mother be there to see her great-grandson play hockey. When we were at District finals in Seattle on March 8, and we were getting ready to play in the Championship, my son looks at me and says "this is for Gi-Gi (great-grandma)." All during that game, as the boys played very well...I had a feeling that this year long "dream" would come true, but it wasn't until the final second ticked off the clock that it became a realization that we would be going to NC and grandma would be able to see this. I am a little sad that my grandfather (who recently passed away on Christmas Eve) will not be there...but I believe that he was at Districts in spirit and he will definitely be there at Nationals!

Well, I didn't mean to write all that above...but these are thoughts that have been going through my head as we get closer to the event.

On the stitching side of things....I received Kathy's RR from Michele on Monday. Very excited to stitch on it - I picked the heart I wanted to stitch and the colors of floss from her choices included in the package. I counted out the number of stitches from the heart she started with to the one that I chose...and began to stitch. After a while I saw that the center of the chosen heart wasn't lining up to the grid that she measured out. So after confirming with her - I decided to just rip out the stitches and then start a different one, which was located under the one Michele stitched...this was a little easier to count out to and begin, without the feeling that it was in the wrong place. While I am enjoying this RR a is funny how stressed out I get myself when stitching on others.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring day! Take care! And remember:
Live...Laugh...Love...and Stitch Often!

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