Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where did time go?

Oh, my it is Wednesday already? I know that we lost an hour on Sunday, but I feel like I lost a few days there too!

Over the weekend, DH and Matthew were in Los Angeles. Matthew's hockey team played a few hockey games down there against a team who was visiting from the Czec Republic and one game against the LA Jr. Kings PWAA team. Sounds like it was a fun weekend, especially with a pizza dinner on Saturday night where they got to visit with the Czec Kids and trade gifts. The Jr. Sharks (Matthew's team) gave San Jose Shark T-shirts and a Jr. Shark pennant and, in turn, Matthew's team received a hat with the Czec hockey team logo and a pennant. Aside from hockey, the weekend was also about father/son bonding - something that DH hasn't had a lot of time to do because of *The Store*.

So, while they were down in LA I was minding *The Store*. I worked in there all day Saturday and then again on Sunday. It was fun, but tiring. When I got home, I did do a little stitching on Family Sampler as well as napped...however, I wanted to finish the ornament for the ornament Swap, but didn't have the creative energy to complete it. So, I will have to do that when I get back from Phoenix.

Yes, that is right...tomorrow I am off to Phoenix with Matthew. He has a hockey tournament down there again, but it doesn't start until Friday evening. So we will have all day Thursday to explore downtown Phoenix before moving to our assigned hotel on Friday. This trip, which hasn't even started yet, has caused some stress. First, it was an issues with our airline tickets for tomorrow. Using point to save some money, I accidentally booked a 7 AM flight instead of a 7PM one...and since I used reward points you really can't change them without a headache. Once over that mistake, I found out yesterday that we didn't have a room for Thursday night at the hotel that we are staying at for the tournament. Because our travel plans differed from the rest of the team, the manager forgot about our need for a room and just booked us Friday-Sunday like the rest of the team. No big deal, except that the hotel is over booked because Spring Training is going on down there. They did put me down on a waiting list, but for a piece of mind, I went ahead and book a room at another hotel for Thursday...using points.

So free airline ticket down to Phoenix,
free night stay at a hotel on Thursday...
no hockey until Friday evening = mini vacation for Matthew and I. 

I did a little research finding this hotel for Thursday, and we are staying right down town where there seems like there are a lot of museums, shops and restaurants to explore. I am sure that we will find some things to keep us busy!

Hopefully the weather down in Arizona is better than here. We have had some wet days lately..."Spring showers bring Spring Flowers" I guess. However in between showers I have been able to get out and do a little jogging. Monday I had a very nice 6.5 mile jog around the neighborhood and yesterday I did a 9 mile one. It felt very good...but just a little sore this morning. Nevertheless, I was able to get my butt out of bed and on the stationary bike for a good spin - to loosen up my legs and get in a good sweat before getting everyone else up and around for school/work.

Well, before I sign off on this post, I will leave you with this to think about:

Watch children running around in the playground and you will soon be thinking,
“They’re having so much fun.”
Why are they having so much fun?
The better question is, Why aren’t you having more fun?
Children run around and play as if by instinct.
They do not question whether they should have fun, they just go out and do it. . . .
 Having a little fun, a time for pure silliness and happiness, is an essential part of every day.
~David Niven

Make the most of your day today...
go out and play, be silly, be happy!
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!

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Oh,if you get a free minute, you should check out Attic Needleworks! It's the mecca of stitching!