Friday, March 25, 2011

TGIF - Yahoo!

It is Friday...thank goodness. Since I was in Phoenix last weekend and then came home to deal with laundry/work/boys' school/*The Business*/after-school sports - I was looking forward to my Friday "day off"; however, I spent most the morning in the doctor's office taking care of all those yearly things that I have put off for two years...I even took care of getting the mammogram out of the way (I was able to just walk right in without scheduling an appointment). Now the only thing left to do is the fasting blood tests, which I think that I will take care of next Monday morning (that too is just a walk in situation - so if I get there right at 7am, it shouldn't be too bad). It is nice to take care of these things and check them off my "take care of me" list.

The rest of the day I spent doing some errands and deliveries for *The Business*. There were a couple of Edible Arrangements that needed to be delivered before noon, which DH needed some help to complete as our driver was already out and about doing the early morning ones and he couldn't get away until later in the afternoon. It is fun to deliver these big fruit arrangements, for the recipient is always excited to receive them.

So now for some really fun news...I was a winner of a give-a-way...a give-a-way that Edgar of Blacksheep's bit of the Web blog...a little background of the give-a-way if you aren't a follower of Edgars. Edgar visits the best estate sales and finds all sort of treasures. He advertised a piece of Belleek as a give-a-way that he was going to award on St. Patrick's Day. Well, Belleek is something that I have a collection of, for when my great-grandmother passed away about 18 years ago, I inherited her collection.

Belleek porcelain basically is from Ireland and the style of china that my great-grandmother collected and I continue to add to, has the shamrock design...fitting for St. Pat's, isn't it. Well, the reason my great-grandmother collected the Irish pottery is because she loved to brag about her Irish heritage. See for a long time, the family believed that her mother Katherine grew up in Ireland, feel in love with a german milk man and got married. However, the truth came out while my uncle was researching the family history that Katherine was from Iowa...granted somewhere in the family lineage that side of the family did come from Ireland, but it was generations ago.

As I said, my collection started with my great-grandmother's and has been added to over the years, as my family has given me pieces for birthdays and anniversaries over the years.
Above, you can seem my collection. The lady in the Belleek frame is a photo of my great-grandmother - Alyce Friedman. Below is what I received from Edgar for the St. Patrick's Day give-a-way he hosted:
My winnings...a beautiful Belleek creamer and lots of green candy (there were Junior Mints and an Andes Mint...but I gobbled those up before I took the photo). Thank you so much Edgar! I love my new piece and definitely enjoyed the green candy!

Well, my friends, it is time to sign off. Hope everyone is doing well - keeping dry if you are getting rained on and warm if you have been experiencing some snow showers. Spring and Summer will be here soon, they usually do arrive eventually.

Take care...and remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


valerie said...

Wow, congrats on your win! Your Belleek collection is lovely and even more so since you inherited it from your grandmother. The little pitcher looks great right next to her photo. Hope you're doing well. Been working on Mary...she's been driving me nuts! lol Happy weekend!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

How nice to win a piece which fits into your life long collection so well. Congratulations.
Glad to see that you are taking time to take care of yourself.
Be always in stitches.

Kathy A. said...

Congratulations on your win. How perfect that such a piece goes to you with your collection.

Edgar said...

How pretty everything looks!!