Sunday, March 27, 2011

Super Sunday

I got tired of the snow image in the background of my blog and thought I would upload one of the flower photos I took while I walked to school with Matthew several weeks ago...I am not sure that the image is appropriate for the blog as it seem to make some of the text hard to read, but I will keep it up there for a while and see how I feel about it over the next week or so.

Friday evening I put the finishing touches on the ornament for Sharon - as it is the end of March and time to get the ornament in the mail for the Ornament Swap. I know that a few of the women have already sent theirs and Sharon has received 1 or 2...better get mine in the mail :) It is slightly hard to part with, for I do like the way it came out...but as Matthew said to me yesterday, "ya know mom, you can stitch one for us too." I suppose he is right...however, with another ornament complete and some time before I have to start Angela's, I have continued to put some stitches into Family Sampler. I will get a photo posted either Monday or Tuesday of the progress I have made.

Yesterday I worked in *The Store* most of the day, giving DH some time to get away from it. However, it was almost I was walking out the door in the morning to go open it up and do some of the prep work before the employees came in, there was a laundry list of things that he felt he needed to inform me of and even suggested that maybe he ought to come make sure that the new employees were trained well on cutting the melons and that delivery routes were created for the driver when she arrived. It was one of those moments that I wanted to remind him that I have actually worked in the store on the weekend while he was out of town...that I have cut melons and can show the new hires...that I have created delivery routes without any problem. However, while this is OUR store/OUR business, he works in it everyday basically and has a strong feeling of ownership. So, I didn't say anything...just let him bark his list of "to dos" but told him that he didn't need to come in (he did end up coming in later in the morning to check on things and did make a couple of deliveries...but he did take some time to hit the couch and nap).

Today is Sunday...nothing really special about it as the title might suggest, but that was what popped into my mind as I decided to post today. DH is down at the rink with Matthew, who had a 6:15am practice this morning and I am spinning on the stationary bike while the bed sheets are being washed (got the mattressed rotated and the sheets changed...looking forward to night-night time tonight). Again, today, I am going in to *The Store* so DH can nap and relax, but he will coming in the last hour to close up. Today Robert and I are taking a CPR/First Aid class. He is old enough to work as a camp counselor at the local city camps this year...and get Paid! However, one of the requirements is to be CPR/First Aid certified. When I signed him up for it, I thought that it wouldn't hurt for me to go through the class too. I haven't taken a CPR class in over 10 years and I have heard that some of the procedures have changed; and I thought with all the traveling I do with the hockey teams & working in *The Store* it might be good to have this training. Have you taken a CPR class? If so, are you still certified?

Well, enough babbling for a Sunday morning. Hopefully you are enjoying your weekend. Until next time, remember to take care and...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!

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jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

One of life's greatest lessons is CPR. You just never know where and when you will need it.
Be always in stitches.