Friday, March 11, 2011

A breath of fresh air

....WARNINING...put new batteries in my camera...Post contains lots of photos....

Enlight of the tragedy that occurred in Japan today and the wait for the tsunami wave to hit the coast of California...I decided to take a break from the morning news programs and go out...enjoy a walk to school this morning with Matthew. Bruno, our 8 year old/90 pound mutt, enjoyed getting out and taking a walk too. The cool, damp California air smelled good - sweet from the early blooming spring flowers & trees.

While we have some trees that turn colors in the fall and loose their leaves during the winter months, many of them tend to stay green all year long. And it is during the winter time when all the hills around us turn green (when we moved here, the real estate lady told us that this part of California has 2 seasons: brown from June-October and green from November-May - right now we are in the green season) which is reminds me of photos of rolling hills.

Many of the trees that drop their leaves in the fall, tend to be crab-apple and cherry trees. In the springtime, they are filled with white or pink flowers before they get their leaves. This time of the year is beautiful, for you look around and there are so many trees filled flowers. I can imagine little leprechans running around during the night and pasted pink & white cotton balls on the end of the trees.
As our walk to school continues, I spy a small patch of wild California poppies. In the cool evening, the flowers close up tight...but in the morning light of the sun they start to unwrap themselves to let in the warmth. I love the vivid orange against the cool green of the grass...and the sparkling of dew in the sunlight.

Once we reach the top of the hill, where the crossing guard leads the kids to the school, Bruno and I say "good-bye...have a great day at school" to Matthew; then we start our journey back home. Home - where Bruno gets his breakfast of low-fat, senior citizen doggie food and I can get my morning workout started. However, before we get in the house I notice that the garbage men have made their visit - so I can take the trash can back to the house. There, where we keep the trash cans, I notice that our wild Lily has started to grow and bloom again.

We are always amazed that these flowers grow and thrive year-after-year without us doing anything to take care of them. I guess their roots are deep within the fertile soil, where they get the perfect amount of water and nourishment.

Well, my walk has ended and now I find myself back inside the house, sitting on my stationary bike getting my workout while up-dating my blog. promised earlier in the week, I do have a photo of the progress I have made on Family Sampler. is where it was the last time I posted a photo:
Family Sampler - progress last posted January/early February is what it looks like after spending a few days stitching recently:
Thank you for coming on a walk with Matthew, Bruno and I. I hope that you enjoyed the scenery. Take care and remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!


Cole said...

Lovely pictures Lisa! And your family sampler is looking awesome too!

Kathy A. said...

Thanks for the walk through your neighborhood. I loved it!
Your sampler is looking good. Nice work!