Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mid-week rambling...

I am up and going this morning. Something that I haven't done for a couple of days. I have been finding the bed more comfortable lately, which makes it extremely difficult to get my butt out of bed and onto the stationary bike like my "normal-so-called-routine" should be. If I can get my early morning spin on the stationary bike out of the way in the morning, it just makes the rest of the day go that much better. Oh, well...I am up and spinning this morning so that is something to definitely express thanks for!

So to catch you up on life in this crazy house, Sunday DH took my Honda into the brake shop that was open and the noise that we have been hearing, that went from sounding like a goose-honk when I applied the breaks to a continuous whine, was due to the wearing down of the rear breaks. So my year and a half Honda, with only 22,000 miles, has new rear breaks. But we caught it in time so the price of the fix wasn't too bad at all.

But during the time that we only had one car, which I drove down to San Jose for Robert's hockey practice that afternoon, DH was out doing deliveries in the Edible Arrangement van. All was going well, until he turned off the van to take a delivery to up to a building. When he got back to the van it wouldn't start...dead battery. He called me in a panic - he was stuck, he had been waiting for over 30 minutes for a tow truck to come and jump the van and the shop where the Honda was at closes at 3pm.After our conversation, I dropped everything I was doing at the rink and drove back up to our neighborhood (it is about a 30-45 minute drive) to pay for the Honda before the shop closed...and to be close to where he was just incase he couldn't get a jump start. By the time I made it to the shop (with 10 minutes to spare), DH called and said that he got a jump from some passerby and was on his way to a auto shop to get a new battery before making his last delivery of the day. So, back down to the rink I went. Like I said in the last post: "It is always something, isn't it!"

Tomorrow starts the Pacific District Hockey Championship for Robert & his hockey team and it is taking place down in San Jose, CA. We are the hosting club and I am one of the co-chairpersons. While I did take on some of the responsibility, the other co-chair is bearing the brunt of it for there was no way that I could committ to being more involved than what I signed up for...which was to get the team badges created & printed, design & get printed the attendance badges, make signs to hang around the rink for different things and to help brainstorm about food for the hospitality room...and to be the support for the other co-chair as she stresses out about all the responsiblities that the tournament chairs are required to do. Which became more than was initially described over a month ago. As several of the other mothers from our team have stepped up to help, things are pretty well organized and I know that we will be ready in time for the managers/coaches meeting tonight and for the first drop of the puck tomorrow morning. It is a small tournament, with only 9 teams, which makes some of the tasks pretty easy. If Robert's team wins this (if there is a miracle) then they proceed to Nationals which is at the end of the month in New Jersey...but there is a team which will be very hard to beat. We'll see how the team does.

Well, that is about all that I have for you today. Lots of activities, but not much stitching the last few days. Hopefully I will find time to do some over the weekend, once my responsibilities for the tournament are complete and things just flow.

Hope everyone is doing well...take care and remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!

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jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

I sure hope you have a peaceful weekend without any more glitches along the way. The stitching will always be there for you when you can find the time. Have a great weekend.
As always