Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Visitors in my garden

Well, we have mice. Every morning, DH and I take a walk together at 6:30am while the boys are still in bed. Yesterday, when I went to get the dog & his leash, there was a little "gift" in his kennel - a dead mouse. It reminded me of the story, "Of Mice and Men"...I guess Bruno (our dogs name) found a pet that he wanted to hug and love and lick - and did so, until it was licked to death. But that was the second mouse I have seen around our house - and then when we took our walk there seem to be an abundance of dead mice on the side walks. Guess it has been so hot and dry lately that they have been suffering. Nevertheless, when I went out to check our garden this morning, all of the strawberries that were on the vines yesterday, were gone this morning...and the tomatoes had bites taken out of them. Oh, well...

BTW, in appreciation of a comment left by Donna, the Julie/Julia Project link I posted about yesterday is an old blog...if you want to keep up with Julie Powell, here is her new blog: I am so looking forward to seeing this movie!

Just working on my L*K nothing new to report in the stitching side of life. So I will keep this short!

Take care all...remember: Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa


Lee said...

Thanks for the visit and commenting on my blog, Lisa!

So - you're a hockey mom? I was a soccer mom for-almost-ever. But mostly a cross country mom, and with two college runners, I still have some years ahead of me.

Sadly, our vacation is over already. We were there last week. The woman at Needlepoint Inc. mentioned Needle in a Haystack to me, too. Maybe if John is in the area next year, I'll make it to your lovely area again and swipe the rental car from my husband for a little stash shopping!

Brenda Lou said...

Oh,my! I think I can deal w/almost anything but mice! LOL