Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Quaker motif stitching practice

A finish - a Freebie I got from the blog Needleprint Society (which has posts about the Mary Wigham Sampler and others from the Ackworth School - and different Quaker Motifs). While waiting for my fabric to come in from NiaH, on which I will be stitching the Mary Wigham Sampler, I found several wonderful freebies - thought it would be good to practice stitching some of these motifs before working on the sampler. One "freebie" was this heart, which was perfect for wedding anniversary gifts for my sisters. I have 2 sisters and both of them had their weddings in August. For each of there wedding ceremonies, I designed and stitched a ring pillow. To finish off the pillow, I used scraps from my bride's maid dress for ruffles - which make nice keepsakes. My younger sister's wedding color was Navy and the sister in the middle (I am the oldest) used a lavendar. Pictured is one "finished" stitched motif using DMC varigated blues - stitched 1 over 1 on 28ct evenweave. I need to come up with a fun Finish - thinking about mounting it on a wooden box or something. I am going to use the same pattern for my other sister, stitching it in DMC vaigated purple.

As I stitched this, I came to realize that I will need to take my time and really pay attention when I stitch the MW Sampler. But I am looking forward to it. And the timing was good, as I heard from NiaH and my fabic came in yesterday - because I don't see a visit there in the near future, they are kind enough to send it to me. So I should receive this within the next couple of days.

This has been a nice relaxing week for the family. DH and I have been taking our little walks in the morning, enjoying the morning cool foggy mornings before he heads off to work. During the morning the boys have been enjoying a leisurely breakfast picnic in the computer/exercise room while I spin on the stationary bike. Afternoons bring work/camp. We have been void of hockey in the evenings - which means that we come home after work (for me) and camp (for the boys), eat dinner and "veg out". I have been using that time in the evening to get a little more exercise, as well as "sit & stitch". A perfect summer week...however, things will change tomorrow - Friday Robert (olderson) starts tryouts over for the AAs and Matthew (youngerson) starts a hockey least both are at the same rink!

May today bring you much smiles and laughter! And give you ample time to put in a stitch in your WIP! Take care, Lisa


Natasha said...

Lisa what a cute little quaker motif. Cant wait to see what finsihing idea you come up with.

Look forward to seeing yours and Vals progress on MW. I will not be taking part in the SAL. To many other projects waiting in the wings. But I will download them for future stitching.

Take Care and enjoy the day :)

valerie said...

Great finish! Love the color variation. A box sounds like a nice gift idea. I was going to email you about MW and SAL but Natasha said it above. I still have no idea if my fabric is in! Quakers are fun but you really have to pay attention and I heard there are lots of mistakes in the pattern (she was 9!) so you have to be extra careful.

Mel said...

Such a cute finish. Can't wait to see your MW come to life! :_

Cyn said...

Hi Lisa,

Cute finish!

Have you made any progress on Mary W.?

I haven't had a chance to start yet as I'm helping DD with a LARGE service project. I'm hoping to start in a week or so. It just depends on how soon she can finish her project. "-)

Have you found Jen's blog yet? Just search on "The Speedy Stitcher". She's recharted many of the MW motifs so that they are "corrected".

Windy Meadow

CindyMae said...

What a lovely finish! I think I might have to download that freebie!

Carolyn NC said...

Very pretty!