Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hum while you work...

I took a photo of our resident humming bird. Actually we have a least 2 resident hummers, and they are fun to watch. The one I caught drinking is actually being "allowed" to drink at the feeder, for the other was above in a tree watching. They are very territorial. When the one watching determines that the other has had enough, he will chase the other away. When we had 2 feeders up, we had 5 humming birds feeding at one time...but only for a little while - for the 4 visitors were eventually chased away. And if the feeders begin to run dry, that little bird will definitely let me know. For he will buzz around my head when I go out and check the garden in the morning.

Well, since I still can post some of my finishes, I thought I would show you some of my sewing efforts. During my morning blog reading this week, I read Blackbird Designs and Alma is posting some quilting lessons (today is lesson 2). With this new sewing machine, which I have now created several small pillows with and fixed my favorite pairs of shortalls (I live in shortalls and overalls), I thought it would be fun to take some of my scraps and play. So, below are some of the results of my play...I love the way the star turned out. I know that it isn't perfect as the lines didn't all match up, but I think that it will be a nice backing to a pillow or something. The other is really just a hodge-podge of scraps that I had left over which I just sewed together, playing with the different settings of the sewing maching. Not sure what I will use it for, but I am sure that it will come in handy to finish some xstitch project!

Tonight we have the last of the 4day a week hockey clinic. The boys are really enjoying it and bummed that it is the last one. They will have a break from hockey next week (unless we find a local skate or something) and then a "Tune-up" clinic which comes right before Robert (older son) tries out for a AAA team. Can't believe that it is time to tryout for the next season already. Matthew doesn't tryout until the end of July.

Fourth of July is this weekend and this is the first time, since we moved to California (which was 6 years ago) we are in the states for the holiday. Typically we have been in Canada for a hockey tournament (decided that we had enough travelling due to all the travel from January-April for hockey) - so we are looking forward to being at home. There is a county fair (the Alameda County Fair) near by, which we will probably do on Saturday - the boys are looking forward to the rides, DH to the greasy fair food, me-the craft booth (I hope they have one). We are also talking about watching fireworks. I heard that San Fran puts on a great one down by the Bay. Valerie (FogCity Dweller), communicated some places in SF that would be good spots to watch the fireworks from...but we will see if we are up to it, especially if we go to the fair in the morning, I don't know if I can deal with a trip into the city, too (I know that I am in my very early 40s, but some days I feel much older).

I also hope to sit and stitch - finishing up my L*K exchange is the first on my list. Then I need to find a design for my PS exchange, as I received the name and address of my next partner (how exciting!) and I also started a Sweetheart Tree needle roll (theme is blueberries) which is something that I will be giving to my mother, who loves blueberries. Her birthday is in October, so thought that I would try and get a head start on this (as soon as I have something worth showing, I will post a photo).

Question...Which way to you cross your stitches?
  1. First I make the / and then I cross the top with \
  2. First I make the\ and then I cross the top with /
I am just curious, because when I stitch on the Friendship Sample RR of another member, I always look and try to determine which way they cross their X's so that I can make their artwork look consistant. I don't know if this matters, but I believe that it is a respectful thing to do. I have found most of the women in the group cross as per choice "2" and I on the other hand cross as per choice "1". I guess that this is a good exercise for the good ol' brain.

Thank you for visiting today. Hope your week is going well! Remember:
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often....Lisa


valerie said...

What a great attempt at quilting...looks very well done! I need to learn how to sew...signed up for the class at the local college. Yay!

I hope you have a fun fourth! The County Fair is always lots of fun!

I stitch #1. In my RR, 4 people stitch #1 and 2 people stitch #2. I wonder if a RR actually turns out all one way. Definitely something to think about. Hmmmmm....

Donna said...

I stitch with choice #1. Wasn't a conscious choice. It's just what I do.

Cyn said...

Hi Lisa,

Enjoyed seeing the pictures of your quilting.

I stitch using method #1.

When I teach children/teens/adults, I always stress that it doesn't matter which way that you do it but to be consistent across the whole piece.

I've enjoyed reading all of your recent posts. :-)

Windy Meadow

Ela said...

Great quilting project ! It's so funny to quilt...Well, I stitch #1 !

amy said...

I cross using the style of choice #1.

I think it is hard for stitchers to change the way they make the crosses—after you've been stitching a while it becomes automatic.

Never having participated in a RR, I wonder if it matters. Wouldn't having each stitcher's personal style reflected in their section add to the charm? Or would the piece look funny?

I do know that when I stitch a piece I consider it important to have all the crosses made in the same order.

CindyMae said...

Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I have something for you on my blog!!

Cindy Mae