Friday, July 31, 2009

L*K Exchange made it to Canada!

I heard from Angela P. this morning and she received the L*K Exchange I made and sent to her. She said that she was getting ready to leave, when the mailman handed her a package...which she felt the need to open immediate - and was excited to see what was inside the box. I was happy to hear that she liked it.

I stitched "Cross-Stitcher in Residence" by Lizzie Kate using the majority of the colors the pattern called for, except for the door, which I substituted with the same color as the roof
(the door color called for matched the fabric and I just didn't like how that was looking). Also, I attached a silver star where the heart button was suppose to go - for there is a "star" living in Angela's house.

On the back of the pillow, stitched a little spool of thread and added the saying "Come in and Stitch awhile" - thinking that kind of tied the whole them together. I settled on finishing this as a long pillow, because I read on Angel's blog that she likes long pillows. And it sounds like this exchange was well received.
Angela - may the pillow bring as much happiness and enjoyment to your residence as it gave me while I stitched it for you!

Now all of my exchanges I have completed and sent have been received. It is really a good feeling to be involved in an activity like this! In addition, I am enjoying assisting CindyMae by being a model stitcher for some of her designs that she is creating. I just finished another one last night and it really is cute.

With that finish, I spent sometime last night organizing the two Friendship Sampler RRs I have in my house. First, I will be adding my heart to Simone's. I have a DMC varigated red picked out, my heart chosen, a working copy made of that area - so I will work on that today and hope to have it complete sometime this weekend so that I can also add my heart to Ann's...I would love to complete these and be able to send them on their way to Karen; but don't want to promise, just incase life gets in the way over the weekend.

The other stitching projects on my "to do list" is my PS Exchange (mail date: Sept. 1; I have everything kitted up ready to go...this will be my next project after I finish the RRs)...then it will be time to organize my Mary Wigham. I received my fabric from NiaH earlier in the week and have downloaded & printed out all nine sections, so I just need to sit and determine the color scheme. Oh, yeah...I still need to finish my sister's anniversary gift too.

It is interesting how quickly a hobby can turn into something that has a "to do" list. However, as long as it doesnt' invoke stress, I think that it is ok. Stitching is something that brings me happiness; it is a good method of relaxation for me and a great outlet for my creativity. Nevertheless, it is alway a good practice to do a "reality check"...for if this hobby and passion becomes stressful, a "have to do, and/or a task - then I will need to re-evaluate all the things I sign up for. However, right now it is perfect - and I am enjoying everything that I have signed up to do!

So may your passion for needlework continue to bring you much happiness and enjoyment!

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Until next post....Lisa


valerie said...

Great exchange! Sounds like your projects are stacking up! Although I shouldn't list of to do's gets longer by the day!

Angela P said...

I couldn't be more thrilled with my pillow, I have it sitting in my stitching basket on my table so I can see it all the time. Thanks again for such a wonderful exchange :)

Cyn said...

Hi Lisa,

Love what you did with the LK exchange!
Very cute and wonderful personal touches. :-)

I understand what you are saying about stitching though I do enjoy making my to do lists. Even though there is a lot on there to do and they don't include everything I want to do! LOL!!!!