Monday, July 6, 2009

A finish to show, a RAK and an award

I heard that Beth received a package I sent her - which contained not only some movies for her niece & nephew to enjoy when they come over to Aunt Beth's house but a couple of surprises for her. One was the patriotic pillow below.

The pattern was a freebie I found when searching American Flags ( I used the flag pattern but added the borders and the "Happy 4th of July". I stitched it 28ct evenweave fabric - one over one.

I heard about her receiving this package when the postman delivered an envelope with a RAK from Beth which included a thank you note and the Blue Ribbon Design called: "Stitches, Stars and Stripes" - which Beth was stitching but since it wasn't going well, she decided to move on to other projects...I am so excited about receiving this. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! BTW...I hate to ask, but what does RAK stand for (I see this referred to by others, but I haven't exactly figured what it stand for)

And from CindyMae, I received the "One Lovely Blog Award" Thank you! I appreciate the acknowledgement! And while speaking of CindyMae, she has started her own design business - so check it out! With regards to the award - I know that I am suppose to choose 7 other bloggers to award this too...I have started reading so many every morning while I am on the stationary bike that it is really hard to choose only 7. So, if I don't pass it on, I hope that I am not shunned in the blogging community :<

Today it was back to camp for the boys and back to work for me. Tonight it was NO HOCKEY! So, to celebrate (or at least for me) was a take out Chinese dinner for DH and the boys (I don't typically eat take out - just enjoyed my own steamed veggies and fruit). Then they started to play their favorite interactive internet game called Evony. They are obsessed with this game - creating armies, building cities and attacking other cities and building alliances with other players from all over the world. Don't ask - their time they put in this game gives me time to stitch! So that is what I am going to leave you is stitching time!

Have a good evening and remember...Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa


Lee said...

RAK = Random Act of Kindness! Lucky you!

valerie said...

What a great little pillow for Beth. It is so cute. You're a whiz on your new sewing machine now!

RAK stands for Random Act of Kindness. How funny that Beth gave you the chart when you were going an exchange for her!

Yay for no hockey night! Got to take advantage of the breaks when they come. :)

Cyn said...

Hi Lisa,

Pretty pillow!

Random Act of Kindness (RAK). :-)

Windy Meadow

CindyMae said...

Love, love, love the pillow!! What a great RAK!! I can not seem to find your email address, would you please send it to me again.! Thanks a ton!!!

Cindy Mae

Also, thanks for the shout out for my shop!!!

Wendy said...

Love the patriotic pillow! It looks so wonderful.

Congrats on your award! You did deserve it.

Dani - tkdchick said...

You did a great job on that patriotic pillow for Beth.

DaisyGirl said...

I'm just dropping a small word of thanks for your hugs and prayers for me and my family. It's getting better, but I want everyone who helped me when I was at a very low point in my life to know that I thank you for your kindness!

Kathy in Orange County California said...

I'm sorry Lisa - I can never figure out how to reply to messages on my blog (I mean directly to the person who sent the comment!). You asked about Maw Maw's Quilt - it's by M Designs. I think I ordered it from 123 Stitch. Kathy (ILCS)

Meari said...

Nice job on the little pillow, and what a great RAK!