Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Recap and Hockey Chatter

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I had one that I call a "me" weekend. Saturday I went to a gathering of the "stitcher's by the bay" yahoo group at my "not so" LNS. It was SOoooo fun! First, I got to meet Valerie (from whom I actually found out about the group), which was nice as I have been reading and commenting on her blog for several months. Second, I got to go shopping - I have decided to start the Mary Wigham sampler so I wanted to get some fabric and thread (which I have decided to use GAST and I will note the conversions I use when I receive the fabric I put on order). Third, I got to meet some of the other members who were able to make it to the gathering. I really enjoyed talking with all the women, getting to know a little about them and their needlework history...and I got to look at some of their work. Wow! It is one thing seeing peoples work on their blogs, but when seeing them in person there is such a WOW factor. I really had a fun afternoon!

I am so glad that I did this - not only because of the reasons listed above, but because I did something for myself. Many times these opportunities come my way but my "stinking thinking" starts up in my head. Thoughts such as "I can't go anywhere on the weekend because the family is home," "I need to be here to make sure that my sons eat and my husband has time to rest over the weekend from his work week," "I can't go because I need to make sure that the hockey stuff is washed and ready for hockey on Sunday"...and it goes on and on. So, when this opportunity came up, I talked to DH and said that I really wanted to go - and he was so supportive! In fact, when I came home and talked non-stop about the wonderful women I met and how much fun I had stitching & visiting with them, he looked at me and said, "I am so glad that you went and took the time to finally did something for yourself." Wow.

Sunday, the boys had hockey in the morning and then again in the evening, which DH took them to and I stayed home - got in a little more exercising, stitching and the house ready for the week. It was a nice day too.

Over the weekend I have been stitching a model for one of CindyMae's designs. She is a new up and coming designer and has some nice things coming out. I am just about done stitching it, but I will let her post it when she receives it. So, stay tuned!

Well, this week I will find myself sitting and stitching at the hockey rink, as the boys are enrolled in another hockey clinic that goes from 5-8. It makes for a busy week (between their summer camp, my work & prepping for the hockey clinic, and then running them down to the clinic in the evening) - but that is [my] life and in a weird sense I do enjoy it! Friday, Robert starts his tryouts for the next season - which always brings stress into the family. He is trying out for Bantam AAA (Bantam is the name for the age group, which is 13-14 year olds...and AAA, well I am sure that the more As you have the better the calibur of kids). This might be a stretch for him, to make the AAA team that is. But as the saying goes...tryout for the highest opportunity and if that doesn't work out, then tryout for AA and so on. So there are other options if he doesn't make it. But youth sports has a lot of politics and crazy parents out there...and this is where all the stress comes in. A "AAA" team might not contain all the best kids because, as the rumor mill has it, many kids are waiting until the next week to try out for AA (and many of those kids are some of the better ones).

Anyway...I will not bore you with any more of this hockey chatter...but just want to tell you that in our house hold our thought is, to have Robert tryout out this weekend and see what happens. If he makes it "great" and if he doesn't "great...he can tryout for AA next weekend". Ya know, it is just best to "go with the flow" because things have a way of working out.

Have a great Monday and a super week.
Remember to Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa


Natasha said...

Lisa, it was great meeting you. Good luck on your boys tryout.

valerie said...

It was great to meet you Lisa! So glad you could take the time for a *me* day and meet everyone.

Good luck to Robert on his tryout!

Can't wait for the MW fabby to come in...still trying to get my version of the weekend out.

Have a great week and happy stitching!

Rachel S said...

It sounds like you had a good time. It is important to have time for yourself. Can't wait to see your conversion!

Cyn said...

Hi Lisa,

You're doing Mary also?

I've decided to do mine on congress cloth. I'm hoping that I can keep up or not fall as far behind as I already am if I stitch on congress cloth. I'm just waiting for it to be delivered as I ordered it late last week.

I'm converting the DMC threads to Splendor and will add in other silks if I have colors that don't convert well. I'll be posting my threads as I stitched the motifs.

Hope the tryouts go well!

Windy Meadow

Wendy said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I would love to do this too some day. It must be fun to come together with all stitching friends.

I have an award for you too. Go take a look at my blog for it please.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Its very important to take some Me time and I'm glad you found it with a great group of stitchy ladies!