Sunday, June 28, 2009

What 'cha been doing?

I have been doing my part (still) to help the economy improve as I build up my stash some more with some Prairie Schooler patterns and a few Lizzie Kate. I signed up for Rnd 3 of the PS exchange and hope to stay with the L*K Exchange after this round, so I felt that I should have some new things to pick from as I continue to stay with these exchanges. Participating in exchanges was one of the goals I set out to accomplish as I was a newbie in the cyber stitch world. Through this activity I have come to know many people - it really is adding a wonderful element to my life!

The mail person adorned my mailbox with the August 2009 edition of the Cross Stitcher Magazine. The Christmas Stocking in it is very cute - but for those last minute 4th of July projects there are a couple of very nice patterns, as well as some other fun projects that I will probably put some sticky notes on as possible projects/gifts from others.

Stitching Update...I have been working on a couple of L*K exchanges. The first one is a personal (one-on-one) exchange with Heather (Stitch in Tyme) We set a due date of July 1, so I will be getting this in the mail to her soon and will post a formal photo after I receive the word she received it. It was a fun colorful stitch and finish...I hope that she will like it. The other is for the "official" L*K Exchange and is due August 1. I am about 1/2 done with the stitching of the design, because I wanted to have some time to think about how I want to finish this for my exchange partner - maybe trying something new. However, I have put this aside temporarily because I wanted to do a little something to surprise someone - so I started this new project because I need to get it in the mail tomorrow. So lots of exchanges going on.

After sending the Friendship Sampler RRs down to Karen in AZ on the 16th of June, my house has been without an RR. I miss having a heart to stitch the end of this month...yet it is nice to be able to focus on other projects for a while. Several of the members of this RR has been enjoying weddings, graduations and other wonderful family activities; some have been travelling and some have been dealing with the unfortunates of the the email box has been a little light with communication, but reading their blogs they are all doing well. Again, it is amazing how this type of activity - Round Robins, Exchanges and Blogging can bring some of us together! It really has been a positive addition to my life!

Update on household life...DH has been very busy at work lately with meetings, early morning conference calls and late night projects. The boys started their day camp last week. Robert is a junior leader (which is a wonderful program the Rec center has) and is volunteering at a preschool camp a couple days aweek as well as a half day camp with older kids (K-5 grade). Matthew is attending the afternoon camp (which Robert is a jr. leader far no problems). While the boys are at came from 1:00-5, I take that time to go into work and put in a few hours there.

Background info re: my job (skip if not interested)...I don't know if I wrote about my job, but I work part-time at a manufacturing company in the Marketing and Communications department. I have been there a little over 3 years - it has been the perfect job for my life as it is very flexible - allowing me to set my own hours with the only request that once set I am committed to be there. In the summertime, my hours change to reflect the summer camp hours - going in in the afternoon. At the end of May, my boss was laid off - so now I report to her boss who is in our UK office (I have been given a Blackberry so she and I can communicate when it is morning here and before she leaves for the day in the UK). I won't bore you with any more detail, but I thank my "lucky stars" everyday for this wonderful job.

This week I will not be going into work because they are shutting the office for the holiday week as well as for budget reasons (and because of being part-time-no pay for me). But the boys will still be attending camp, so I will get the afternoon to get some things done without them. DH and I might even schedule a date during that time...which would be nice to have quality time with him! However, the boys still have their hockey clinc...

Hockey...we have one more week of this clinic the boys have been attending. It is the one which is 4 days a week and this is week 6. It has been a great clinic for them - they have definitely developed new skills on and off the ice and had a lot of fun doing it. But getting everything organized and driving the 45 minutes each way and sitting there from 5-8 gets a little old. But like I said, this is the last week of this clinic. Next week we will not have any hockey to run off to...but then the following week (July 11-5) they both have a "tune up" clinic.
"Tune Up?", you might ask. Yes, while my boys have been on the ice without much down time - not all families do this much spring/summer hockey (and some do way more)...but tryouts for Robert is July 17, with the Bantam AAA (13-14yr age group). If he goes through the weekend and doesn't make this team, then he trys out for the Bantam AA the following weekend and so on. Matthew's tryouts are not until last weekend of July.

Well, if you made it this far, I give you a lot of kudos because this definitely got a lot longer than I had originally planned. All the boys are down at hockey...I have made plans to go to see "My Sister's Keeper" with a friend this morning (I'll let you know my thoughts tomorrow).

Thank you for visiting! Hope your weekend is going well and you are able to stay cool if it is hot outside, dry if it is raining and warm if it is cold!
Remember....Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often! Lisa


Gaynor said...

Yay, I have kudos lol
I love the charts..and JCS mags!!! Cant get them here for love nor money...
Enjoy ;-)

valerie said...

Great Stash! I'll have to take a peek at Cross Stitcher when I'm at the bookstore. Sounds like you're really busy with exchanges!

Mel said...

Great stash additions.
And it's always nice to hear about people who like their jobs!

Cyn said...

Hi Lisa,

NIce stash additions.

I hope to get to my LNS on Thursday or on Friday for some stash additions. :-)

Who are the designers for the 4th of July ornaments in the JCS?

Glad to hear that everything is going well on the home front and that your RR is out and traveling about. :-)

Windy Meadow

Natasha said...

sounds like a very busy summer for you but with lots of fun stitching ahead. What a joy to have a job that you love, not many can say that CONGRATS!

Take Care and enjoy your week off.