Wednesday, June 24, 2009


In California we have 2 things here that we, mid-western transplants had to learn about- earthquakes and fires. This scene took place on the hillside right by our hill...but don't worry, this is what we have learned is called a "controlled burn". There is a training facility for both police and fire. Every year, the fire"men" use the hillside to learn how to set and put out fires. The first year we lived here (6 years ago) this startled us...nothing like looking out your bedroom window and seeing a lot of black smoke. Now we know.

Sorry for the quick post...but just wanted to share this with you before running the boys to camp and me to work! Lisa


Chiloe said...

Looks scary from here too ;-) lol

Ela said...

It must be a little dangerous, not ?

Cindy F. said...

Controlled burn is good, but still scarey!!

Hey, re: the mailart, postcard you asked about on my blog, it is sent just as you saw it!! She sewed the stamps on...before she sewed the front and back together and mailed it as you see it! No cover on it. And it's so clean, I can't believe it!

CindyMae said...

Oh yes, here in Texas we know about them controlled burns very well and they can still be a little scary when they are a bit to close!

Thanks for your comments. I would actually love to talk to you more about maybe doing some stitching for me in the future. Drop me an email if that offer still stands!

Jill said...

Thanks for your wonderful comment you left me regarding my dad. What a small world. To think that a hockey mom stitcher that grew up here in Minnesota would find my blog. We are still a hockey family. My younger sisters' 3 boys play for Roseville Area. It is in our blood.
Thanks again,