Thursday, June 18, 2009

PS Exchange made it across the ocean!

After a visit to the Year Long Prairie Schooler Exchange, I read a post from yesterday that announced Elisabeth received the pillow I sent her...yeah! I was really getting worried as I did send it out on May 28 (unfortunately I sent it regular air mail because anything quicker was about 3x more...and it had to travel to France). So, now I get to post the photos I took before I wrapped it up and sent it out the door.

The pattern I stitched is from Book 137 - Summer Breeze. I used the DMC colors it called for. I stitched as per the pattern, except for the lines that separated the small squares - it was suppose to be backstitched, but I decided to to 2 lines of xstitch. I think that I used a 32ct evenweave, but don't remember exactally. I finished it as a pillow (
this was my first pillow finish, too, using my new sewing machine). Since I forgot to stitch a piece with my name/initials and the date, I attached a tag I had designed several years ago. All in all, I was very pleased with the way it turned out and I hope that Elisabeth enjoys it. The photos I took of it included the Orchid plant I got from the hockey team back in May at the year-end team party. It is still alive after a month (yahoo).

This was my first completed of my goals for 2009 was to sign up for an exchange and complete now I have. And I am very pleased with the way this has gone and very excited that my first one was with someone who was outside of US, as it makes it more "exciting". Those outside of the needlework community, who have never heard of exchanges or round-robins, were amazed that I was stitching something for someone I didn't know and sending it off to France. But what I like about exchanges allows me to stitch things and then give them away to someone. I know that I do this for my family, but they don't always find enjoyment in my stitched pieces as someone who stitches themselves and has more of an appreciation for the amount of work that goes in to it. I have now signed up for the 3rd Round of the PS Exchange and will be finishing a couple of L*K Exchange pieces for mail date of July 1 and Aug 1.

Today is day 4 of Summer Vacation...the boys and I are enjoying quiet relaxing mornings. Around lunchtime we typically run a few errands and then it is hockey in the evening. On todays list of errands...Robert will need to turn in some paperwork for his Jr. Leader/counselor position he is doing at the city camp starting next week. He is too old for the camps, but too young to get a the city has this wonderful program where they take "volunteers" to staff "junior" positions, helping out the counselors. In addition, this program also educates the Jr. Leaders about the job finding process...teaching them about writing resumes, going through interviews, writing a "thank you" letter after the interview, filling out job applications, taking responsiblity for their own schedule & communicating to their leader when they need to change the schedule, and then there is an exit interview at the end of the summer. It is a great program. In addition, there are leaders who have gone through the program themselves when they were in middle school and have been hired as soon as they were old enough for camp conselors and other positions with the city recreation program throughout the year.

Hope all is well with you.
Take care and remember: Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa


valerie said...

Yay! Great pillow! It turned out great and I really like that backing fabric. It's always scary when exchanges have to go to another country. My HoE exchange has very far to go! I better get stitching!

Gaynor said...

That is a beautiful can see a lot of love, care and time has gone into it! I am sure it will be loved.

Ginnie said...

I love your pillow and the tag on the back is a great idea.

Ela said...

Je suis ravie de cet echange ! Je te remercie beaucoup Lisa. Et j'aime bien venir te lire, t'es bavarde, j'adore !!!
So, you can translate now...

Susan said...

That is adorable, Lisa!

CindyMae said...

That is a gorgeous pillow! Fantastic work!