Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friendship RRs in the mail...

Yesterday I made a trip to the post office - missing the June 15 mail date - but at least I got Karin's RR in the mail to the next in line (Karen in AZ). I added my heart to her RR (it is the one on the top - with my name and CA..."duh" as my boys would say). I really enjoyed stitching on Karin's fabic. The coloring reminded me of oatmeal; as it kind of had a creamy, nutty look with a little bit of black specking. I think that it was a 36ct, but could be wrong. I stitched my heart with 2 strands over 2...when I was done, and looked at the other hearts stitched before me, it almost appeared that they used 1 strand. But since my heart was already completed and looked good (just a little thicker) I left it as is. Hopefully it is ok.

Included in the package is my RR, too! Ya-hoo I am back in the mailing cycle of the RR. I will not bore you with the details of why I am sending this out (the story has been told and re-told in my blog) - just know that this is a very exciting thing! Because I did get to re-do mine, I have different fabric and have stitched it a little differently, but have requested that the other ladies continue with the neurtal color scheme as in my first stitched piece. If interested visit Friendship Sampler RR to view the other Friendship Sampler RRs as they continue to grow in love.

Whew! That is done and they are both on their way to Arizona. Now I turn to a L*K exchange I am doing with Heather (a one-on-one/personal one). I have the L*K design chosen, the threads & fabric all ready to go...and an idea in mind for the finish. When I am done with this, then it will be time to start another L*K exchange piece for my secret exchange partner. So I will be in L*K heaven for awhile! Her pieces are fun, quick and colorful so this will be very enjoyable. These are the perfect pieces to stitch while sitting in the hockey rink, which I have been doing due to a clinic the boys have been going to.

The hockey clinic is 6 weeks long - 4 days a week. That means driving 40 minutes down to San Jose - arriving there at 4:45pm so that Matthew can get into his gear for his 5:00pm ice time. While Matthew is on the ice, Robert is in the weight room. Then around 6:45, their groups switch places and we are on the road back home around 8:15pm. To make the 3 or so hours go by, I have been going to the track which is across the street from the rink and walking for an hour. Robert has lent me his Nike+ipod attachment - one part is in my shoe and the other is attached to my ipod. This keeps track of the speed & the time that I walk. It is pretty cool. Walking gets me through the first 1/2 of the time we are there, the other hour or so I sit in the restaurant which overlooks the rink they are skating on and I it is the best of both worlds!

We eventually get home around 8:45pm - about the same time DH has been getting home from work because he has been prepping for a board meeting. So, upon arrival at home by all we have an opportunity to catch up on the days activities we all have done...before it is time to "hit the hay" so that we can start over again the next day. The good news about the hockey clinic, is that we are at the halfway point...only have 2 and a half weeks left!

We have been on summer vacation for 2 days so far and really have just enjoyed the time at home, especially since our late afternoon/early evenings are consumed by hockey. And, since the boys' camp doesn't start until next week, I have been staying home from work, which has made it nice too.

Thank you for visiting...I will not bore you any further...until next post:
Remember Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa


Gaynor said...

What a lovely exchange idea. I am glad you got back into it, it is too nice to miss. I love Lizzie Kate too..sooo adaptable and easy to stitch.

valerie said...

Yay, both RRs look great. Love seeing the progress on this heart sampler. Glad you got back into it despite the disappointment! I love those L*K designs too! :)
Does it look like it's going to rain there...this weather is really weird!

Mel said...

So glad to hear that you have rejoined your RR! :)
The hearts are so cute.