Monday, June 8, 2009

Beginning the week - the last week of school and other updates

Good day everyone. This Monday post finds me at the last week of school for the boys. As they keep mentioning, after this week I will find myself with an 8th grader and a 5th grader...a year from now I will be attending the "promotion" ceremonies for both (they don't call them graduation for these age groups)...but that is next year, so we will not discuss this any further until then :)
But it is the last week of school and they are excited - as I am for it will be good to have a change.

The weekend was nice and relaxing, starting with Friday, which is normally a day off for me from work. So, since I did put in about 20 hours Mon-Thurs, I definitely took it off and spent the day catching up on "me" time (exercise and xstitching) and then got the yard work done and a trip to the grocery store to stock up for the weekend at home. It was nice to have a weekend without stressing over any school projects (they are done for the year). In fact, Robert (old son, 7th grader) commented that this was the first weekend since the end of April where he didn't have to do any projects or homework and he could relax with the family...but then he said, after playing on the computer for awhile, he didn't know what to do with himself. My other son, Matthew (younger, 4th grade) could sit infront of the computer playing games all day long. Sitting in front of the computer is what these boys did including DH on Saturday. There is this on-line civilization game they play, which includes other from all over the world. They were set to battle a city and take it over, trying to accomplish that in the morning until the computer system lost connection (due to over excited Robert, who kicked the cord out of the wall). Saturday afternoon, followed by more relaxing and napping before watching the Detroit Red Wings beat the Pittsburgh Penguins for the 5th game of the Stanley Cup (hockey). Sunday...the DH and boys were at hockey practice from 7-2:30 - so I had the house to myself...

What did I do during the computer marathon on Saturday and the quiet Sunday morning. I stitched! There is a free pattern I printed from the DMC website (they have the best free patterns - unfortunately I can't find the one I have been working on at this time). The DMC project uses light variation & varigated floss and is a picture of flowers in a vase. Just as I was about to finish it off, thinking that it might be a year end gift for one of Robert's teachers who has been very supportive of his hockey travels all year - I didn't think that the pattern captured who she is very well (she just isn't a flowery type of person - more into sci fi and histroy) so I pulled out the Lizzie Kate "Teaching is a work of heart" and worked on that for most of Sunday. Almost done and will have a photo of that later in the week as well.

Anyway...that was my weekend. Sorry I don't have any pictures to show, only the stories to tell right now. I hope this week brings much happiness and promise to all out there. Thank you for reading my blog and I promise to have some photos by mid-week.

Remember - live, love, laugh and stitch often! Lisa

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