Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day - a tribute to all the men in my life!

Happy Summer...Happy Father's Day....Happy "me" day?

Father's day in our household is all about the father - but the father goes to take the boys to their hockey scrimmages/practices on Sundays - so I have the house to my self (Ya-hoo...I am just luv'n these Sundays!). However, because we knew the weekend schedule we did do a Father's Day family meal yesterday - drove to the local farmer's market again and purchased some fresh green beans, corn on the cob, beefsteak tomatoes and fresh French Bread. Once home, I threw some chicken breasts and fresh Halibut on the grill, steamed the beans & corn, sliced the bread and tomatoes. And we all sat down for a family "gratitude" meal. (side story: after the 911 incident, we started having a special meal where we all would sit down together and say what we were thankful for and then enjoy the food together. We enjoyed this meal every Friday or Saturday night for several years, but due to work/school/hockey it becomes hard to make time for - so when we do have these meals that truely are special and something to be thankful for)....the photo above is dated back to May 24, 1999.

After lunch was over and the kitchen cleaned up, we went to see the movie UP. It was very good - funny, tear-jearking, sweet movie. I did cry several times...the old man in the movie reminded me of my grandfather who past away on Christmas Eve 2008 and the love the he and my grandmother have/had (she is still with us and is as spunky as ever). It also made tears come to my eyes because I feel that this is the love that my DH and I have...and as I looked over at my 2 wonderful sons (age 13 and 10), who are growing up way to fast, I gave a little "thanks" for being blessed with a wonderful husband...who is a wonderful father...I feel truely blessed that I can share this life with my best friend and soul mate.

Anyway...enough of that sappy stuff...we had a nice Father's Day Saturday; but the celebrating continued this morning. With the first hockey time scheduled at 8:15, we were all up early and treated to a cinnammon roll breakfast and Father's Day presents. DH received a book (from his in-laws), a new sweatshirt with Minneosta Wild logo (not pictured, but on him right now while at hockey rink) and a wonderful picture Matthew painted for him the last week of school. They all left here around 7am this morning and I am here, enjoying the quiet house...getting my exercising in...updating my blog and will probably get around to doing some of the house hold things before they get back home at 2pm.

However, before I leave end the Father's Day post...I just wanted to say Happy Father's Day to all the other men in my life:
To my Grandpa Dolginow,
Happy Father's Day to a man who taught me so much, but I didn't realize it until now. Your constant support and love is always appreciated but now always acknowledge...I hope you know, that while we haven't been in the same city to celebrate, I love you very much!

To my Grandpa Durst,
Happy Father's Day to a man who has always supported us...from the day Steve and I met and began to date to the present. You are truely loved!

To my grandfather...Papa Dan,
Happy Father's Day to a man who was so caring, giving and loving. I know that you are looking down on all of us up there in Heaven, supporting and guiding. You are truly missed! I love you! (random photos from my grandma & me, middle: grandpa & me, bottom: grandma&grandpa and me)

Happy Father's Day to all those father's out there...Happy Summer to everyone!



valerie said...

Happy father's day to your DH...that is a cute picture of him and the boys way back when!

CindyMae said...

Love the pics! Happy fathers day to your hubby!

Susan said...

It sounds like you had a nice Father's Day at your house. Thanks for sharing pictures of your family.