Saturday, December 6, 2008

A True Hockey Mom

Well, I think that I finally went off the deep end! This morning I got my cycling complete while watching Robert's hockey game via "live streamed" on the internet. He and his team are playing in Las Vegas, at the Tier I Silver Stick Tournament.
Either I am a supportive, commited parent...or I am a parent who needs to be a loony bin!
Never the less, they won
3-0 today (and they won their first game last night 7-0). Pretty exciting - but I find that we are in that strange place some sport-parents find themselves would be exciting for them to make it to the championship tomorrow and win; but on the other hand that may mean another trip for their Silver Stick finals, which is in Port Huron, MI. I hope Santa brings plane tickets for all the traveling that we will be doing after the first of the year!

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