Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In Memory of Grandpa

This morning I woke up to a phone call...the one that everyone worries about getting and the second one I have received in a month an a half. This morning my grandfather - Dan Wolf - passed away. He was 93 years old. The last year, or so, was not very kind to him - yet he did live a very full filled life. We are blessed to have my grandmother still with us. Maybe I am a romantic, as I have kind of twisted the last few hours of his uncle from North Carolina came down to South Carolina to pick up my grandmother and bring her back to his house to spend Christmas (with my Aunt and cousins). Grandpa, who was in a memory care facitilty, wasn't doing so well, so my uncle and grandmother went there on their way out of town to say "good-bye," "I love you" and happy holiday. Grandma asked him to wait until she got back. But as soon as she said good bye, he must of taken that as permission to go, for his heart slowed and he drifted off peacefully. Being in separate residences for the last 8 months wasn't easy for either - he in the assisted care and Grandma at home. Passing away on Christmas Eve, I believe, was a gift of peace for both.

Dear Grandpa - I love you very much. You were a very important person in my life. You taught me to dream: I remember my first Featherbed Ball, although I want not very happy about it at first, but I continue to dream of attending it with you...dressed in a Cinderella ball gown and glass slippers and you in formal attire. You help make my Christmases magical - waking up to a Christmas tree full of ornaments and a base buried in presents, giving me the chance to believe as long as I could and providing the foundation for my family during this holiday. Your dislike of peas and carrots, routine of Friday radish sandwich breakfasts, mowing the lawn in shorts and black knee socks, allowing me to beat you in a game of Old Maid (even though I did cheat, using the reflection in your glasses to alert me the location of the Old Maid Card) and made up words like Chick-a-boom-ba. You were a surrogate father while I was at college and an inspiration for a long married life. Grandpa, thank you, my life has been blessed with your presents - your love and knowledge. So on the eve of this magical holiday, I want you to know that I love you! You will forever be in my heart and thoughts!

On that note...may those who read my blog have a very Merry and Magical Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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