Saturday, December 13, 2008

Catching my breath

Well, it has been a couple of days since I have written. Thursday evening, the plane reservations for Robert's hockey team to go to Quebec in February were finally made. Thank goodness. This was really stressing me out - nothing like trying to make reservations for 15 kids and 4 adults on the same flight to and from Quebec...and with the worry about trying to keep the price down. We thought that we found a reasonable price for the trip, but found out that after you purchase a group of 6, the next group of 6 goes up in price...and if that isn't bad, it will go up again. So, while I quoted a price of $490 - the average price will probably be around $715...but we were able to get all 19 people on the same flights...that was definitly a challenge - but it is done and now we can move on and start working on other aspects of this 2 week hockey tournament in Quebec.

With that behind me, I was able to take Friday off, in a sense. I didn't go into work; I stayed home and got some things done around the house and just relaxed! It felt good.

Today, Saturday, there was only one kid who had practice - so, Steve took Robert to practice and I got my spinning done while Matthew at breakfast. When Robert got back home, I took him to get supplies for another project he had to do for school. For this project, he has to create a map of his idea of utopian city. We ran to Michaels (after a stop to get a smog check on one of our failed, so now I have to deal with that next week...yuck!) to get what he needed and then back home to work on it. He worked on it the rest of the afternoon and throughout the evening. It looks like he will be able to finish the map this weekend, just leaving the report for him to write in preparation for a presentation on Wednesday. So, we are in good shape to begin our Sunday...which will be filled with hockey!

Hope the weekend is being good to all!

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