Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reflecting on my Wednesday - Lovin' Carpools

Wednesday, the middle day of the work/school week...sometimes referred to as "hump day". Wednesdays are the days that are one of the busiest around here throughout the week. It is the day that both boys have their hockey practice around the same time, but in 2 different rinks - one is in San Jose which is 35 miles from our house and the other is in Fremont which is about 13 miles, basically right in between our house and the San Jose Rink. Normally I rely on a wonderful carpool system, which takes Robert (the older son) to the San Jose rink and brings him back home. This works grand, if I don't have any team manager requirements in San I did last night.

Last night was the Tier Hockey Board Meeting, which I felt I needed to attend - so a Carpool situation was set up for Matthew (the younger son) to get a ride from the Fremont rink to San Jose. Thank goodness that for the hockey families and the support that we give one another or all of this "rink-running" would be very difficult to do!

Yes, the Durst hockey dad would have helped, but he was on a flight back from Atlanta where he had a board meeting. To night, he and Robert will leave for Las Vegas for the Tier hockey Silver Sticks tournament. I get to hang at the house with Matthew.

With all the activity my Wednesday brought - even though I was at the rink, I didn't have time to take out my cross stitch. I am almost done with the yellow portion of the quilted design. I need to figure out where to go after that is complete. I am sure that I will have time over the weekend!

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