Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday's Random Snappers...

Good morning and happy Sunday. I'm up early this morning to make the cinnamon rolls for the boys, for they have an early hockey practice.

There has been a lot of hype around our rink lately because one of the Olympic figure skating hopefuls skates there...
The administration at the rink, as well as the public down in San Jose, CA has embraced their 15-year old Olympian. We have seen her skate down there over the years, practicing in the wee hours of the morning when we have had early hockey practices as well as in the afternoons. Her mother also works with some of the little figure skaters...warming them up in the hallways and showing them how to stretch out before and after they skate. Polina also goes to a school where some of both Robert & Matthew's teammates go. We are definitely rooting for Polina to do well.


I guess it is natural for a mother of a "now 18 year old" to go through old photos and reminisce about times when said-18-year-old was a little guy. It is just amazing how quickly they grow up. But I am not the only one, for it looks like my mother-in-law has been doing the same thing. In Robert's birthday card, my MIL sent this photo:
When Robert was about 8 months old, we took a trip to Colorado where we met up with my in-laws. For the first part of this summer vacation we stayed in South Fork, which is in the southern part of the state. We would fish, hike, rest and visit. The last part of the trip, we drove over to Durango, CO and stayed in a famous old hotel, walked up and down Main Street and enjoyed sightseeing around this area. It was here that we did the old fashion photo. It was a perfect set up - Robert in the tub, his 10-gallon hat on his head and the hankie around his neck. Oh, how I remember this photo. He was such a good natured little baby...always loved being the center of attention and getting his picture taken (my how time has changed).


It was sad the other day, when I was out taking my jog/walk. I was going up hill around all the new developments in our area and I spied this...
A lonely Hello Kitty, sitting all a lone on the sign. Her owner missing. Where o'where could her owner be? Why o'why was she left there to chill in the night air and the cool-damp morning?


Well, my friends...the sun still hasn't shown its warm face yet. The boys, who just finished eating their breakfast, are taking a shower before we leave for hockey (shower before hockey, a little strange if I do say so my self). 

Enough rambling for a morning. Thank you for visiting today. I hope that it is a wonderful day for you and yours. Until next time, take care and remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!

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Ma Teakettle said...

From one hockey mom to another…no matter how much you enjoy them it goes fast…but your prize is that you have been there for them for as long as they can remember (and before) and so not only will you both have those memories…but a bond that neither distance nor adulthood can break, I have BTDT and it all works out :)
I love that sweet pic!
Go Paulina!
I can't even imagine where that sweet child could be without her (or his) Hello Kitty...
Have a great day!