Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I am back! I am alive! OMG it is March!

OMG...I am so sorry that I was AWOL during the month of February. It has been a very busy month for me.

February, in my house hold meant:

  • A hockey weekend in Phoenix, AZ (Jan 30-Feb 2) with my younger son and his teammates. It was a pathetic weekend of hockey
  • The biggest holiday for our 2 stores...Valentine's Day week is the busiest, craziest holiday for both of our Edible Arrangement stores. It is a holiday where we dip over 10s of 1000s of strawberries in chocolate
  • A hockey weekend in Denver, CO the 3rd weekend in February...I went with Matthew's hockey team again. I got to see an uncle, an aunt and cousin while there; as well as my college roommate whom I haven't seen in over 4 years. It is always good to catch up with friends and family when traveling for hockey.
  • The arrival of the cold-like flu...just as we finished up Valentine's Day, my DH and I got hit hard by the flu-bug (no we don't ever get the flu shot). For me, it started 2 Wednesdays ago...just not feeling 100% and then when I got on the airplane on Feb. 21 to Denver I got achy...let's just say that it is not fun to be traveling or staying in a hotel when you feel feverish and sick...and then let's say that it is not fun to be landing in an airplane when you feel congested and sick!!!!

Well, that was February. It is time to move on, it is time to start to feeling better. I am sick and tired of feeling tired and sick!

Anyway...while it was a busy crazy month, I did find sometime to put some X's into my Torah portion. Here is a status photo of it (sorry about the shadow, I just couldn't get in a good angle where there wasn't one):

I have 2 verses stitched! Just 2 more to go.

Well, that is all right now...just wanted to quickly catch up as well as say "HI". Hope you all out there in blogland are doing ok!

One more thing...we have [somewhat] enjoyed some rain here in Northern California which has given some much needed water to all our trees and shrubs. All of the crabapple and cherry trees have blossomed out. It is absolutely gorgeous around my neighborhood. It kind of looks like someone skipped around the neighborhood, hot glueing cotton balls on the trees :)

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Until next time, take care and remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!

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jhm said...

Your rain brought us more snow. We wonder where the grass is under all the tons of snow. We might see it again in JUne if we are lucky.