Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Home...where it is sunny, warm and no white stuff on the ground

It was a great weekend in Minnesota...although, it is nice to be home where the temperatures are well above freezing and there is none of that white stuff on the ground :)

Well, Matthew's team didn't make it to the Semi-Finals as they lost their last round robin game on Sunday night. It was a heart breaker loss. They were tied all the way to the last minute of the game and then the other team scored. Matthew's team needed to win or tie in order to advance to the semis on Monday. Oh, well..."ya win some, ya lose some".

Since we didn't have a game on Monday, we planned for the team to do a little outdoor skating on a pond...something that you don't get to do in California. It was a little chilly...dropped from 12 degrees when they started skating around noon, to 6 degrees when they finished up, which was around 2:45pm. It was nice that the facility had a beautiful warming house, for the boys would skate for a while...until they couldn't feel their fingers...or cheeks...or ears...or toes and then they would come in and warm up....and then go back out.
Matthew's team skating on a pond in Minnesota. 
Us, hockey moms, tried to bundle up as much as we could in order to watch the boys skate...but some of us just didn't prepare for the polar chill in the air.
My hockeymom friend, Rynette, and I outside the warming house. It was COLD!
My sister Jamie brought my niece and nephews to the outdoor rink to skate with Matthew and his hockey team because they didn't have school as it was MLK break.
Cousins - Sammy (age 8) and Matthew (age 14) out skating together
Cousins - Lizzie (age 11) and Matthew (age 14) warming up in the warming house
By the way...here is a photo of Cousin Lizzie and my son Matthew from a long time ago... My, how they are growing up!
Cousins - Lizzie and Matthew from many years ago.
It was a great weekend. Always good to spend time with my family!

Well, time to get caught up on the laundry and a few of the house hold chores. Until next time, take care and remember..

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!

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