Friday, January 17, 2014

A restful end to a crazy week

Hello from the tundra...otherwise know as Minnesota.
Looking at the backyard of my parents' house
I am at The Dolginow's B&B - my parents' house - the place I go when we travel to Minnesota for a hockey tournament for my younger son, Matthew. The team gets to stay at the hotel and I seek refuge at my folks house...a little pampering goes a long way :)

It has been a very, very crazy and stressful week. Started off on Sunday, when my older son Robert got back from a hockey weekend in LA with a hurt knee. Monday it was a trip to an orthopedic doctor where we had xrays done, was told that it was either a Grade 1 or 2 sprain of the MCL, which we ffollowed up by an MRI on Wednesday morning at 7am so we would know for sure. During this 3 day period, we struggled making an decision whether or not Robert would join his hockey team as they flew to Michigan this weekend for another hockey weekend. On top of that stress...Robert had to finish up 5 prep-school applications (college apps are a piece of cake compared to prep school ones!).

Well, long-story-short...we made the decision before we got the final MRI reports...we erred on the conservative side of things and decided it would be best for Robert to stay home - to go to school Thursday & Friday, to rest up his knee and start a little rehab to get it healthy, to prepare for semester finals which are next week; as well as get caught up on sleep.

Last night I received a phone call from the Orthopedic Dr office with the finding of the MRI. Robert has a Grade 2 sprain and a bruised we definitely made the right decision for him to stay home and rest up.

So the timing of Matthew's (younger son) hockey tournament in Minnesota comes at a great time...I get to do a little R&R.

While on the flight last night, I was able to put some stitches in my Torah Portion:
I restitched the last word on the first line: פִּיךָ and on the airplane I stitched this word: וְהוֹרֵיתִיךָ  which means and I will instruct you

After that was stitched I watched a movie - The Butler, which was very good - and then fell asleep for a little bit. is time to get ready to go to the hockey rink, to get my team checked in before they play their first game.

Until next time...take care and remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!

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valerie said...

I hope Robert mends quickly! It looks like you are in the frozen tundra. Keep warm! Great progress on your Torah piece! :)