Friday, January 10, 2014

Flashback Friday...where did the time go? (Part I)

One upon a time, 18 years ago...with an additional 65 pounds on my body, 39 weeks pregnant (or so) and feeling HUGE like a beached whale...I went to my weekly doctor visit. It was time for an ultrasound to check-in on the life that was growing within me.

I watch the image the "popped" up on the monitor in the examination room. Long legs, arms and head...the sound of a heart beat steadily thumping...I looked at the technician and then glanced at the doctor. Frowns appeared on their foreheads, but it wasn't really concern that anything was wrong.

The doctor looked at me and said, "Well, given the measurements we are getting from the ultrasound it looks like junior is somewhere between 9-12 pounds."

Gasp! was my reaction..."9-12 way...not in my little is time to get the 'thing' out!"

Before my DH and I left the office, all the arrangements were made for Jan. 11, 1996. Reservations at Casa de la hospital, inducement drugs at 7am followed by personal attendants to take care of my every whim. I was excited and nervous all at the same time.
(Part II Tomorrow)

On another note...I finished the first line of my Torah Portion...
Torah Portion - Exodus 4:12-15
International Torah Stitch By Stitch Project
Above is the stitched line, below is the graph of the whole portion
Since the last post, the words I have stitched are: אֶהְיֶה עִם פִּיךָ...which basically translate into something like: I will be with your mouth. G-d is speaking to Moses, asking him to go to Pharaoh and ask him to let the Israelites go. Moses, according to some of the commentaries, has a speaking impediment; so, G-d reassures him that he will help him speak. 

I took the photo above and sent it to the lady who is working on this big, major project because I am concerned that I didn't start it totally correctly. It seems that the margin on the left hand side is too small...the letters are too close to the end of the fabric compared to the right hand side. However, I did follow the instructions listed on the website. It fits just fine, but it is not totally centered. I don't know...I guess I tend to be somewhat of a perfectionist. I want it to be totally correct. I did go through and make sure that all the hebrew letters were stitched correctly and the spaces were correct. All that checked out. Maybe I am just stressing over nothing...what do you think? 

Well, that is about it from here. Hope everyone is keeping warm and well. Until next time, take care and remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often

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Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Oh my looked like I did when I was carrying my twins! :) And I had over 12 pounds of them in there, not to mention all the fluid and placentas... YIKES!
Can't wait for part 2, I have a feeling I know what's going to happen! Ha!

I'd stress over the Torrah stitch myself...I don't think you weird...I'd be checking and rechecking the whole time too :)